Gap Denim Pop-up Customisation in London: Walk don’t run… get there now!

Ladies and gents, if you are in London in the month of September, you absolutely must get to Soho and here’s why – Gap have launched a popup to celebrate 50 years in the business of denim. The store features highlights from the 1969 Premium Denim Collection, but also showcases designs through the decades. It’s like a shoppable museum, but there’s a twist. In this Gap pop-up, it’s all about customisation and it’s available for new or preowned Gap denim. Here’s all you need to know…

Now, first of all, the shop is, at the moment, only open for the month of September. It’s in the heart of Soho, located at 52 Brewer Street, and has the most marvellous set of shop assistants ready to take on any customisation challenge you throw their way. And boy do these people come equipped. First of all, any denim, purchased on the spot or Gap denim you’ve owned for years, can be totally customised to your specifications. It can be hemmed, frayed, embroidered, patched and tattooed (yes, tattooed). You just need to show up with a denim dream and they’ll make it a reality and it’s totally free. 

Full disclosure here, I was asked to come in and pick out an outfit to share on instagram with the masses, but I spent double the amount of allocated time in shop and left with more customised denim than anyone could ever imagine owning. I went nuts and truly tried to push the team to their limits. Nothing I suggested was too far reaching, no matter how hard I made it. And the outcome was so insanely fabulous that I decided this needed more exposure than just a simply instagram post. So here we are, with me telling you to put down whatever you’re doing and head into Soho. Not too hard, is it? You could have a pair of jeans featuring your favourite song lyrics or a denim cowboy shirt with your nickname embroidered over the pocket in less time than it takes you to pick up a Pret sandwich. And yes, I did grab both of those things and you can see them pictured below. I am a woman obsessed and I’ve already asked my mom to ship over my old Gap denim so I can run in and customise more. 

Thank you, Gap, for inviting me in and allowing me to share this wonderful anniversary celebration. Seems more like you are giving us the gifts, when it should be the other way around. Raising my glass to another 50 years! 


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