FFG Eats: Circolo Popolare, London

Circolo Popolare, London

If you and yours find yourself in London this Christmas season and you’re looking for a restaurant experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before, Circolo Popolare needs to be on your radar. The interior here feeds an appetite completely separate to your rumbling tummy. Walking in, out of the hustle and bustle of the London streets, you’ll think you’ve stepped in to a parallel universe. I don’t even really know what I could compare it to. I think the decor is pointing us to a Sicilian theme, but really it seems from another planet entirely.

And the key here is to be loose with that. I say that because sometimes the waiters at Circolo Popolare can have trouble understanding what you’re ordering or what you’re asking for, in general. Two cocktails in here and you won’t mind it all. In fact, you’ll probably leave thinking it was entirely charming. That’s my take on it anyway. The wait staff are so pleasant otherwise and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant is lively and spirited, it’s hard to have a bad word to say here.

The food is exactly what you’d expect from the Big Mamma Group restaurant, large and in charge, flavoursome and filling. Drinks come in the most loud and proud ceramic mugs. Food dishes are served in equally attention grabbing bowls and plates. Every single bit of this experience is a feast for all five senses. Bottom line, it’s a place you’ll want to say you’ve experienced.

Order large cocktails, don’t even dream about leaving without ordering dessert and fill that tummy with pastas galore! Enjoy and happy holidays!

For more information visit: https://www.bigmammagroup.com/en/trattorias/circolo-popolare


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