The Ultimate London-Lovers Pool With a View

When I get in a pool, I get in to swim. My aim is to work out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hotel pool or a lap pool in a gym. I have grown up a competitive swimmer and nothing brings me greater pleasure than submerging my head underwater and pushing my body to the limits in exercising length after length. Sure, some lengths are more relaxed than others, but there’s always some element of exercise. I’ve never once dipped into a pool and simply floated. It doesn’t happen, until now. Walking into the infinity pool atop the 52nd floor at The Shangri-La London, I knew my hair wasn’t destined to see a drop of water. How can you be expected to ever peel your eyes from the view laid out in front of you?

The Shangri-La London pool offers an unparalled view of the city below. That’s no hyperbole. No other hotel pool in London is situated 52 floors in the sky with a view of everything from St. Paul’s to the London Eye. I am sure many slide into the pool at the Shangri-La London with the greatest of intentions of “working out.” But any hope soon disappears as you approach the window and take in the beautiful city laid out before you.

I was the first in the pool on my stay at the Shangri-La London and as couples slowly filtered in and joined me in the water, they all gravitated to the same spot. Everyone wanted to float near the windows. Occasionally someone would tear themselves from the view and float out into the middle of the pool, but rarely would they do so with their backs turned to the London skyline. And nearly every single visitor to the pool risked dropping their phone in the water to take selfies galore. I can’t say I blame them. Mine might have been a bit more “professional” with a tripod and camera safely out of the water, but I was tempted to risk the iPhone for a few quick pics to send to friends on whatsapp.

If you are a looking for a pool experience in London that will truly take your breath away, look no further. This is the ultimate London-lovers pool paradise, complete with table service and spacious digs to lay out and get lost in the city that surrounds you.


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