The London Christmas Bauble House 2020…

There have been a lot of memorable decorations in London this year, 2020. Let’s face it – the world needs it! We need as much festive cheer as any one household can deliver, but one household took things to a new level.

This is what I’m officially naming “The London Christmas Bauble House.” It is quite possibly the most magnificent display of festive baubles I’ve ever seen. And to think this is someone’s private home. Sure, just around the corner we have The Ivy Chelsea Garden,  a Christmas frontage favourite. And just down the street from that you have the decorations of the King’s Road… bright, bold and beautiful. But, this, this is no business of famous shopping district. This is a friendly neighbour filling their London square with holiday cheer.

So if you need some festive cheer, pass by what has surely become a London landmark in Chelsea, just off the King’s Road.

Remember, please be polite and kind. Stroll by for its beautiful display, let it fill you with festive cheer and move on for others to enjoy!



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