The best advice I was ever given for working from home…

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We’re now approaching the year long mark of working from home. I’m pretty sure none of us could have predicted this would have lasted as long as it has and a great many of us are wondering how much longer it will go on for. I’ve hesitated writing too much about the whole working from home phenomenon because I kept, rather optimistically, thinking we’d be out of it sooner rather than later. So excuse me for this rather “late in the game” advice. But, I thought better now than never as I truly believe said advice can be helpful, especially for those of us that are hitting a wall with daily inspiration. Here it goes. Are you ready?

This should be pretty obvious to most, but it was advice I was given when I first started my own business and it made all the difference. I’ve only ever not followed it once or twice,  and each time I’ve strayed I’ve thanked the person that gave me this advice, because it truly does change everything when working from home. It’s this…

Always get up and get ready like you’re going into the office. That’s it. That was the advice. Short, simple and effective.

It was also accompanied by, “whatever you do, don’t stay in your pajamas.” So, I listened. And every morning I got up, I took a shower, I put on makeup and I put on an outfit that wasn’t pajamas. Now, said wise person didn’t dictate that I had to put on the same clothes I would have worn into the office, so over the years I have had fun with this best practice. And in this past year, I’ve embraced the art of loungewear, in particular. I’ve bought the fuzzy slippers, the loud print track suit and the oversized sweats. Because, hey, it’s just me, myself and I at the office at the moment, so why not be comfortable?

At the end of the day, it’s all about looking out for your own mental health! So you do you. But, throw off the jammies! Even if it’s just to slip into something that’s every bit as comfortable, but different.

Of course this all leads me to a place where I get to recommend women’s loungewear that I’ve fallen in love with over lockdown! Everything you see here today, every comfy outfit that has become a “working from home” staple, is from They are size inclusive, as comfortable as they look and reasonably priced. That means they check every box I need checked before I ever recommend anything to you guys!

Here are the three looks, with all links to products below, all available now!

Animal Print Sweatshirt, £20, Size 6-24

Animal Print Sweatpants, £20, Size  6-24

Pink Slippers, £70

Striped Top, £22, Size 8-24

Camo Joggers, £28, Size 8-24

Sweatshirt Dress, £25, Size 6-24

Tall Leggings, £15, Size 6-24

Black UGG Slippers, £80


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