A Plus or Minus

I applaud Glamour magazine for using Lizzie Miller in their magazine. I feel I need to say that first and foremost. But I have mixed emotions concerning the reaction of the public.

First I would like to address the fact that this is not the first time Lizzie has been featured in Glamour. She was previously pictured from the front, so the tummy was less visible. Was this met with great applause? No, it wasn’t. There wasn’t even a second glance at the page by most readers I suspect.  And now, because for one minute Lizzie didn’t suck in her stomach, she is a heroine among women.

I loved watching her interview on the Today Show when they asked her how she felt about the image and she tried to pass it off as if they just caught her in a relaxed moment. I imagine poor Lizzie was mortified when they first presented her with the image. (think what you would do!) Her agency has some intelligent PR people working it! But who’s idea was it to put her right next to miss twiglet from Glamour? She looked like an amazon!

I suppose what makes me sad is thinking that women today need to see pictures like this in magazines to feel good. If you don’t know by now that the size four women are merely clothes hangers for amazing clothing you shouldn’t bother buying next month’s Vogue. Don’t wait for magazines to change because it won’t happen.  Yes, Glamour has realized they are onto a winning formula here and, along with several other magazines, have full layouts with plus size models planned for forthcoming issues. But trust me, this is a passing fad. We’ll be back to skeletons soon enough.


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