Rodarte for Target: A review

I love these two girls, I have always thought Rodarte was a miracle label. They design for women as designers who love the female form rather than those who wish to punish us with attire that only works on a size zero frame.  So since they made the announcement, that they were running a line for Target’s International designer range, I have been going mad with anticipation.

Finally the day arrived on Sunday when the stores would fill with enthusiasts, such as myself. Well I flew in from London a day after the clothes hit the racks so I was expecting the entire stock to be wiped out with nothing left for me to grab for my wardrobe. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fashionistas had left some pieces for me. In fact, there were a lot of pieces left!

As I neared the racks, my heartbeat quickened and my palms began to sweat. I couldn’t believe my luck. The fashion gods were shining down on me on that day. My hand reached for the first lace and organza detailed dress with pretty nude silk bows for shoulders. As my fingers made contact with the first shred of fabric a shock ran up my arm and I was instantly reminded why high-end fashion is so damn expensive. Quality, quality, quality. Rodarte for Target was, sadly, another example of why amazing designers are best kept on the amazingly high priced circuit. The material was deadly.

The clothes may look phenomenal but they are not “wearable”.  I tried on the bow-shoulder dress and there was so much static cling from the mesh of fabrics that I could barely keep the skirt down from around my waist.  Sadly, the sequin ribcage dress was sold out so I wasn’t able to review that. However, I think that must have been the winner of the collection as far as value for money.

Now, I did walk away with three pieces from the collection so all was not lost. Their lace cardigans are a great staple for the season ahead so grab whatever they have left in stock for those.

A nice effort Rodarte! Great designs but we understand you were on a budget.

Next stop on the International designers list for Target…..Zac Posen!


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