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As I write this I’m humming “Oh what a night…late September back in…” Ok you get the point. I’m humming this tune because it was certainly quite an evening for so many reasons…so many in fact that I fear this blog post might turn into an overblown love letter to Net-a-Porter.  

Last night I was invited to attend a party to celebrate the launch of the Denim Boutique at the new headquarters of Net-a-Porter

Before I even start on the evening itself please allow me to wax lyrical for a moment about the absolutely phenomenal atmosphere of the new Westfield offices! Have you ever heard anyone say they work in a place that they can’t wait to get into every day, Monday to Friday, from 9am to whatever hours the saints at Net-a-Porter work? I certainly haven’t. But once you see the offices at Net-a-Porter your whole world changes. The office is a monochromatic heaven. High ceilings, elaborate chandeliers, boardrooms to live and die by and a library to swoon over (we are talking glossy heaven here) were enough to make me weak in the knees. I now believe in love at first sight. Since I’m not an interiors writer…I’ll let the pictures do the talking:


Now on to the reason that I was at Net-a-Porter in the first place: DENIM!!!!! It was a denim mecca last night at the headquarters. I’ve never seen so many pairs of jeans in my life. I’ve also never been so tempted to surrender the entire balance of my American Express to a company. I kid you not, their sales people had me thinking that Denim was the way to go each and every day. The only possible way to live would require investing in 365 pairs of jeans on the spot. Adding champagne to the mix was just plain deadly! 

We were lucky enough to have buyers for Net-a-Porter, and the Denim Boutique in particular, talk us through the latest styles with models showcasing the top sellers available on the website. Let me start by saying that it is very clear that Net-a-Porter never do anything without knowing exactly what they are getting into.  Their goal, as a company, isn’t just to provide women around the world with the best clothing for their every day lives and special events. Net-a-Porter are in the game of customer service. They want you to have the best possible products but they want the experience to be a delightful one.  Parting with a three or four figure sum of money for a pair of shoes or a designer dress is not the norm for the average woman.  So when it comes time to drop that sort of cash on a piece you want it to be a moment you remember. That’s exactly what Net-a-Porter give you.  I mention this because they have really thrown themselves in head first with the denim boutique. 

So many women will tell you that you can’t buy Denim online. Jeans are typically something you have to go in store to buy as you go through several different pairs until you actually find what you are looking for. For me it has sometimes felt like the jeans found me, not the other way around. But here’s where NAP (shortened to save time here) worked like hell to revolutionize buying denim online.  For two days solid they packed in every jean they could find and had every single person in their office (and as you can see that’s a lot of girls) try on the different styles of jeans.  They had all different shapes and sizes available for the task and they didn’t just have the girls try on and slip off the jeans. The girls wore them around the office, wore them home, wore them several days in a row…etc etc.  They were then quizzed on every single thing you can think about when it comes to fit. Did the jeans stretch after a day, after an hour? Were the jeans true to size or did you have to buy smaller? Were the jeans too tight in the ankles or too loose in the thighs? Did they make your rear-end look like a hippo’s backside or a replica of Victoria Beckham?  You name it…they asked it! Here’s a snapshot of all the information you get from just one pair of jeans:

So not only do you get all the info regarding everything from the stitching to colour of the front button, you also get tips on what size to order and suggestions on what to wear with the jeans.  And if that wasn’t enough you have the option of contacting a fashion advisor who will answer any questions that haven’t already been answered for you. I have no idea what those questions would be at his point…but to each her own. 

Here’s a pictorial run through of the styles that were modelled for us:




It was a night to remember. It was also a night for putting faces with names. A great many of us Tweet to each other everyday. We read the blogs of the best of the best and we often wonder if people are the same in person as they are on their websites. I’m happy to report that even though they are the height of fantastic on their blogs…these women are a hundred times better in person. I had the great privilege of meeting the wonderfully gorgeous Fashion Critic from Red Carpet Fashion Awards, the uber-glam star from Forty Not Out (who in no way looks a day over 30), the most stylish diva ever from My Fash Diary , the style icon Miggy from Pout and the woman who attracted the most attention of the evening (not just because her little pup “butters” was being toted around in a Louis Vuitton Neverfull) The Clothes Whisperer. Ladies, I was humbled by your presence. 

Thank you to Net-a-Porter for inviting me to such a fantastic event…one that I will not soon forget. I’ll leave you with a few images to remember the evening by…

Yes, we were elbow deep in denim for the whole night! 


 The gorgeous star and creator of My Fashion Diary

A gorgeous denim jacket and Butters posing for the camera.

And finally…the gorgeous and wonderful Lucy, from Net-a-Porter, posing with Butters. 

Net-a-porter UK Denim


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