FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: Sugar and Spice- Shopgirl

Another blog I love following…Sugar and Spice! Emily writes this fantastic fashion blog that looks at all the joys of being a fashion addict. Her blog reads like a personal fashion diary and allows viewers to feel like they are getting an inside track on her life while also picking up great ideas along the way.

Emily wrote the following to describe her blog:

Sugar and Spice is like a window on my world and is filled with all of the things that inspire me and excite me, from catwalk shows to high street outfits on a budget and beauty reviews. I spend as much time on the blog as is possible with a full time job to pay the bills!! I love to write and always have and the blog is my outlet for this. I fill the blog with pretty photos that make me smile and photos that I take in my life and of my outfits

Best of luck, Emily, in the future. Your writing style is fantastic and here’s to hoping you can kiss that day job goodbye and make blogging a full time adventure!

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