FFG’s Daily Fashion Blog Recommendation: Beauty by Benz

Lisa Bensley writes Beauty By Benz. Take just a glance at the first page of her postings and you will instantly be green with envy at all the fab events she receives invitations to attend! Just one page one we have events for Hugo Boss, LVMH, Tinsley Mortimer and a comprehensive review of the last NY Fashion Week.  Lisa is a one woman fashion army, or at least that is what she would have you believe. She actually sent me an email that reminded me of just what I love most about the blogging community.  Rather than going on and on about herself, she wrote one line about her blog and proceeded to recommend five other women in the blogging community that “lift her up” when she is down. Our community of women is one that is very special and incredible rare.  Lisa, thank you for reminded me of that! 

Here’s what Lisa has to say about herself and the blog (which I had to copy off her profile online):

I am the Eternal Optimist. I think that beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and attitudes.  I am inspired by beauty every day, whether it’s a sunrise, a great pair of shoes, a great musician, or a grandma and grandpa holding hands crossing the street. Who am I kidding? I usually doesn’t see the sunrise, let’s revise that to sunset. After spending my post-college days slaving away in the fashion industry for pennies, I have decided to chronicle my journeys at fashion shows, going to concerts, spending all of my hard-earned cash, living and loving in NYC.

This is a blog you MUST follow if you want to know EXACTLY what is happening in NEW YORK for FASHION!

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