A store tour of Gant on Fifth Avenue, New York City

You are probably already familiar with the brand name, Gant. But do you know the history? Allow me five minutes to brief you, as it’s important to know a bit of background here before you flip through all the pictures of the stores I’m about to share. Gant has one of those amazing histories that could probably be turned into a nice coffee table book filled with pictures of handsome ivy leaguers and yachtsmen (if you know one of these men, chances are they have a nice collection of sportswear from Gant)..but not to worry, I’m not going that far here. Let me give you just the basics.

Bernard Gant,  a Ukrainian shirtmaker, set up a store in New York’s Garment District back in 1914.   Bernard was the best in the business and as such, began manufacturing shirts for some of the leading brands of the early 1900s.  In each shirt Gant would stamp a small diamond “G” into the bottom hem as a trademark of his work. It wasn’t long before real clothing connoisseurs were looking for the “G” in the shirt rather than the brand name.  In 1949 Gant decided enough was enough and it was time to break out on his own. A family business at this point, the Gant team struck out to make a name for themselves in the world of fashion.  It didnt take long for them to become the biggest selling shirt brand in America. The rest, as they say, is history.  And yes, it does belong in a book (hint, hint, Gant). 

Today styles change every day. Gant, however, stays true to its heritage. It does update the look according to the trends but it is not ruled by these trends. Instead, Gant follows in line with true preppy heritage.  Some looks never go out of style and I can safely say that every piece I saw in store this weekend is a piece that will not only last a good ten years because of quality but also because of style.

Here’s a look at New York’s flagship Gant store on Fifth Avenue…


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