Anna Wintour’s BBC documentary from the year 2000

If you have 50 minutes, spend it watching this today. Back before The September Issue was released, the  BBC profiled Anna Wintour in a very personal way. From her 7am tennis game to her last chore of the day, they cover it all including talking to her staff and celebrities that rate her as one of the most iconic women in fashion today. This documentary also confirms the fear factor that surrounds Nuclear Wintour.  The year 2000 may not seem too far gone. However, little reminders througout this video tell a different tale. This was filmed back in the day when Anna was a brunette, when we watched videos on VHS and when everyone wanted that gorgeous Prada lip print skirt (actually most of us still do).

And not only do we have Anna Wintour sharing a great deal, we also have Plum Sykes sharing in a way that almost seems like oversharing. What’s not to love about that situation? Sit back, relax and enjoy a moment with Anna Wintour…

Video discovered on Rdujour


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