Cara Delevingne reveals her AW14 Mulberry Collection in London and we were there

This is usually the day that Mulberry showcases their collection during fashion week in London. Sadly, there was no formal show this year. There was no celebrity line up on the front row, no pups strutting down the catwalk. There were no queues of people around the block to get into Claridges, no    groups of people clogging the main entrance. Today, we had a Mulberry photocall in place of the usual show and no one knew what to expect. 

About 50 of us entered a room where a black curtain was drawn. There were twelve seats in the room facing the curtain and most guests were standing behind the chairs on either side of a photographer’s pit filled the centre of the room. After we were all gathered in, music began to pipe through the system and we heard dogs whimpering behind the curtain. For those who had opened their press packs early, it had been revealed that we were in London for the Mulberry presentation of the Cara Delevingne collection. Yes, the model/actress has designed a collection with Mulberry for the new season.

Fifteen minutes after arriving, the curtains in the room opened up and we discovered Cara Delevingne was sitting on a giant swing in a “pop-up forest.” Dogs were running this way and that as she swung to and fro. Then, Cara jumped from her swing and began to move around the space while swinging her handbag designs this way and that. It was tough to get a picture of Cara as she did so, and even harder to really see the handbags. That in mind, we’ll have to go in and take a closer look for you at the next press day. From what we could make out, the Cara Delevingne collection for Mulberry is an impressive assortment of bags. Alexa and Lana had better watch out, Cara’s coming to Mulberry to take the reigns as bag queen. {Mulberry}


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