London Fashion Week: Tom Ford Autumn Winter 2014

I find fashion is made up of moments, moments in your life you remember by a special dress you’ve worn, moments when a garment can change your whole outlook on a day and moments when you choose your outfit to define the moment itself. Fashion is all about moments. For me, this evening, I had a fashion moment and it had nothing at all to do with what I was wearing. Fashion moments, in my mind, happen two places: in my own closet or on the catwalk. Tonight, my closet left my mind entirely and was instead filled with the dream world created by the fashion force of nature that is Tom Ford.

If we take a step back and examine Tom Ford’s first moments with catwalks, you may remember he was one of the first designers to nix the idea of any social media. Not a phone or camera was allowed to capture what was happening in this very select community in fashion. Well tonight, the doors to the social kingdom were flung upon as I sat alongside a few other bloggers watching the show through a camera lens. I say “through a camera lens” as I couldn’t stop snapping away as look after look came down the catwalk. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Let me first begin this entire experience by sharing with you the fact that these were the most luxurious seating arrangements I’ve yet to encounter on a catwalk. Tom Ford had put together a venue that was plush and perfect. The seats were actually so comfortable they could easily be mistaken for sofas. In fact, many were love seats. Guests on the evening were welcomed with a champagne reception and the general atmosphere of the show was one of incredible excitement, not just at seeing the show but also getting a moment or two to greet familiar faces. Trust me when I say that everyone was there. Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse shared a sofa with Anna Wintour directly in my eye line. There were plenty of other celebs to speak of, but I had my eye on the prize – the catwalk – so failed to look around much further. Let’s just say that every respected publication in fashion had a seat on this runway. 

As the speakers pumped out foot-tapping music, the models took to the catwalk with a strut that can only happen at Tom Ford. These women were confident and composed. You could feel their self confidence as they walked down the runway in cowboy-like stilettos made in every fabric from white crocodile to leopard print calf skin leather. This is the Tom Ford woman. There’s a reason they walk in such a way. Tom Ford gets it. He gets the way a woman can feel sexy and confident in a certain attire. He is a man that loves women. He doesn’t want to punish us, ladies, he wants us to put our best foot forward, even if it does end up being a mighty expensive shoe you are wearing. These pieces are worth the price tag. Every penny.

Tom Ford presented us with a lady that is a new luxe, an “ultra luxe,” as the press release tells us. She wears cashmere, wool, goatskin and crocodile.  She is frightfully elegant in the most classic shapes that look incredibly simple, due to their supreme construction. These are the new classics for your wardrobe. Start saving ladies, it’s going to be an expensive autumn winter.

Images: Top –, remaining- FFG. 


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