Sunsets in Santa Monica: Add it to the bucket list

If you do only one thing while visiting Los Angeles, get yourself out to the beach in Santa Monica. Or if you’re up for adventure, take a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. If you time it perfectly, you will catch one of the world’s most spectacular sights – a California sunset. 

Growing up on the East Coast, I was always fascinated with the beautiful sunrises in the morning. I would get up early in the summers and wonder out onto the beach and wiggle my reared into its own seat in the sand and wait for the oranges, purples and pinks in the sky to make an appearance. Up until seven years ago, I had never seen the sun set over the ocean. These are East Coast problems.

So, when it came time to take my first trip to Los Angeles, all that time ago, I remember telling my boyfriend at the time that all I wanted to do was sit on the beach and watch the sunset. I expected it to be the most beautiful and peaceful moment. I had built it up in my mind to be a monumental scene, and a romantic one at that. I was not disappointed, on any level, and it is most certainly a sunset I will never forget for many reasons.

Coming back to California five years later, I still found myself wanting to sit on the beach, wrapped in a sweater with my feet dug into the sand up to my ankles. It was five days before I could make that happen, but, when it finally did it was worth the five years and five day wait. Everything was the same and it is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had the honour of experiencing. 

Whether you sit by yourself, or with a loved one, do take a seat. The view from the beachy stretch in Santa Monica is one which is truly priceless. It’s a free seat to one of the best shows in the world. How people that live here can drive by every day without exiting their cars to take in the spectacle, I’ll never understand.

Bottom line – make a Santa Monica Sunset schedule! 


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