Mindy Kaling + The Vogue Closet = Pure Comedy!

We’ll just say upfront that what we’d love to see more than anything else is a Mindy Kaling Vogue cover. Can we make this happen please?

While we wait for this to materialize, we have something that’s just as powerful to share with you today. It’s a fashion video that is modern comedy at it’s finest.

Mindy has taken on the Vogue closet. Hosted by the Vogue Youtube channel, Mindy Kaling documents her fitting for her most recent Vogue editorial. In case you haven’t already checked her out in the April issue, Mindy shared a sneak peek on twitter recently:

So you’d think Mindy Kaling would go crazy in the Vogue closet, wouldn’t you? Well, in the video you are about to see, she actually gets shot down on just about everything and instead of coming out looking like the hip girl she is above, she comes out looking a bit more reserved. As she accurately points out, she’s channelling a young Laura Bush. Must watch…


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