Look for Less: 20 Statement Pencil Skirts under £100

You asked, we deliver. We’ve had a lot of requests from people over the past few weeks to highlight pencil skirts for summer. So instead of giving you the whole kit and caboodle in bits and boobs, we thought we’d throw them all at you at once, to have your pick and make your purchases now. After searching high and low, we uncovered our top pencil skirts for spring summer 2014. The best news, however, comes when the price is revealed. All skirts seen are under £100 (a lot more at the bottom rung on that scale, you’ll be pleased to know). So if you were sweating it out trying to find the perfect printed pencil skirt, let all worry cease to exist. Your fashion fairy godmother is here and we come bearing nicely priced purchase opportunities. Go forth, shop and look stylish. 

Note: These are all printed pencil skirts by nature. Not all are classified exactly as “pencil skirts” but all skim the figure in the delightful and flattering manner in which pencil skirts are often associated. Hope that makes sense!

Here are all the skirts in clickable links (with a few more skirts in the mix that we couldn’t fit in above)…


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