Can we have a conversation about the trends in your underwear drawer?

Myla Lingerie

Here’s a big admission: I have never been a big buyer of lingerie.
Don’t get me wrong. We all have to wear it, as ladies do, but I’ve never been
the type to think about how I buy it or what I’m buying it for. Sure, a
strapless bra goes with a strapless dress or a thong with a well-fitted pair of
pants, but that’s as far as my forward thinking would go, when it comes to the
underpinnings of a wardrobe. But that word, “underpinnings”, suggests that this
portion of our wardrobe is perhaps the most important part of what we put on
every day. Sadly, this is not a thought I came to on my own.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve begun a process of exposure, to
the world that is the foundation of all dressing and, as I have come to learn,
is a world that is mastered by all the women who I have idolized as style icons
for decades. 

Last week I had the chance to sit down with the two designers for
the famed lingerie brand, Myla. Designers Tamsin and Minako sat with me and
quite literally began from scratch in explaining the idea of buying great
lingerie. Actually, you can’t say “great” when it comes to Myla. The word isn’t
big enough. I need something more substantial here. It has to be a word that
conveys innovation, beauty, sensuality, empowerment and transformation.
there a word that exists in the human language that encompasses all of those
things? I don’t think there is, so I’ll just say it´s Myla. Yes, dear readers,
I was that floored with what I learned about this brand and the current
collections at hand.

My conversation with Myla’s Tamsin and Minako began with the
beginning. I wanted to know why I hadn’t been buying lingerie like I purchase
my ready-to-wear collections. That is, in fact, exactly what Myla is – a
ready-to-wear label that forms the foundation for your ready-to-wear clothing.
Every shape, colour and texture makes up a trend in lingerie. 

Here I had moved
past buying all of my clothes on the high street, yet my lingerie buying was
still grounded in the simple everyday pieces I had purchased since I was old
enough to know what a bra was. My conversation with Myla was like opening a
door to a whole new buying opportunity. And, folks, here’s what I loved about
every single collection presented for autumn winter 2014 at Myla – this is a
collection of lingerie made for a woman who wants to feel confident not only in
her lingerie’s ability to create a foundation for garments, but also in its ability
to make the wearer feel confident in herself
. So why are so many women
neglecting this area of their wardrobe and filling their drawers with poorly
made basics? I feel it’s almost my duty in life to turn you on to a new way of
thinking, and introducing you to a brand, which is now a personal favourite.

I’ll admit that I had entered Myla’s head offices with the idea of
talking trends with the lovely duo, and we spent more time talking about the
actual mistakes women are making with their lingerie rather than anything else.
Eventually our focus did shift and we started in on the big “moments” happening
for Myla this season. Of course this wasn’t the easiest thing to do as these
two creative geniuses are already working on Spring Summer 2016. So out came
the mood boards, the collections and memories of working on these beautiful
pieces some time ago.

Let’s start from the beginning. How, you may wonder, do the
designers come up with the trends that they present for lingerie? Well, Tamsin
and Minako walk to the beat of the their own drums. These two are influenced by
absolutely everything and have the freedom to run with whatever they feel is
appropriate. Movies, music, books, art and life in general, lead them in their
creative process. One look at the mood boards presented and I am overwhelmed
with a plethora of images that attempt to map out the incredible vision of this
designing duo – no easy task. That is by no means to suggest that they are not
clear in their vision for the season, but rather to showcase the elaborate way
in which they envision their overall collections. It’s amazing. There are, however,
a few things to remember for each season presented. “For autumn winter, we have
to think about gifting, with both Christmas and Valentine’s Day,’ Minako tells
me, as we discuss any commercial obligations in creating the collections.
Tamsin further explains that they like to design their gifting with three
possible buyers in mind: the woman herself, her partner or a close girlfriend
{Note: girlfriends, feel free to gift me Myla this season – I’ll be sending my
sizes around in November for any takers}.

Myla Lingerie

Whether you are gifting yourself or hoping to be on the receiving
end of a big Myla package, there are three major trends seen throughout the
collections this season that you need to know about:  Velvet, Metallics and Colour.

I’m going to kick off with velvet here, because it’s the one trend, I
knew in advance, that I would have the most trouble with. I absolutely despise
velvet, or should say now that I used to. I think in any form, this material is
a throw back to years’ past for me, when my mother would dress me in velvet
frocks for Christmas dinners. Ugh. My stomach turns just thinking of it. Tamsin
brought the velvet pieces over and laid them before me. A bra, underwear, a
bodysuit and garter belt were all placed within arm´s reach. I traced my
fingers along the triangular shape of the bra first, drawn like a moth to a
flame. This was not the velvet of my childhood fears. This was a warm welcome
to luxury.
The Myla designers told me this was a trend that was all about
luxury and comfort. The construction, dear reader, in each and every piece was
a thing of sheer beauty, pun intended. Beautiful black velvet was worked
together with sheer fabrics and placed in a construction that would shape and
flatter almost any figure.  These are
pieces that are created to act as underwear, but could easily transition into
items that are for public consumption – by that I mean they are stabs at
underwear as outerwear.

myla lingerie

After recovering from my velvet fear crumbling away to nothing, we
all talked colour – my personal favourite element of the collections for autumn
winter at Myla. Imagine vibrant reds, rich oranges, soft baby blues and a lime
green so mesmerizing I fear I would never be able to keep it in hiding in any form.
When it comes to colour, you can tell there is a special place in the
designers’ hearts in getting this right. In fact, I did strike a particular
chord with the two when talking about colours in their collections. They are
absolute perfectionists when it comes to dying fabrics just as they have
envisioned them. They have been known to send swatches back time and again
until their dream hue is discovered and ready for production. Even their
inspiration for colours is on another level when it comes to being meticulous. 

The two Myla designers can often be found scouring markets for inspiration in collections and
they often discover their colour inspiration in old advertisements, or with
worn ribbon unearthed in market stalls. Truly, their job is one that is never
ending and they are inspired by everything from sun up to sun down.

Myla Lingerie

Myla Lingerie

Myla Lingerie

Myla Lingerie

Last, but certainly not least, we talked about a trend that is also
alive and well on the catwalks this season – metallics. Myla’s metallics are a
thing of greatness as they help in showcasing exactly what makes Myla stand out
from the pack – their lace.
The metallic threads this season are showcased on
lace that is made in France on machines that have been in operation for over
150 years. This trend is one that requires intimate attention. As you slip your
fingers over the hints of silver and gold in the lace, you appreciate the
finery of the material and the craftsmanship behind the garment. Tamsin spoke
in detail of the timelessness of this trend, which I wholeheartedly agree with.
As in lingerie as it is with ready-to-wear clothing, metallics have absolutely
no expiration date. The way in which they have worked this trend into their
designs for the season is a lesson in mastering your trade. The shapes, folds
in the fabric and innovative construction all allow the metallic accents to
shine through as a staple in your lingerie for the season.

Myla Lingerie

Myla Lingerie

This may be getting too personal, but as I write I am wearing a brafrom the signature range Nicole (£90 and pictured below). And yes, I suppose this is where I do have to
be careful not to mince my words or upset any previous brands that have
“supported” me (both in the literal and figurative sense of the word) over the
years. This bra is, in short, life changing. 

Yes, I’m a convert and I’m telling
you right now to get up from your desk and get yourself to Harrods or
Selfridges, march straight up the Myla concession, put on a piece from any one
of the collections. Hell, put on two or three pieces. Then stand in the fitting
room and feel the difference a good piece of lingerie makes. I guarantee you,
you will have a hard time turning back from your new found discovery. I’m
already financially planning for this change of attitude when it comes to my
wardrobe. Rather oddly I feel as if I’ve discovered an untapped arena for
shopping.  I apologise in advance, Mr.
FFG, for the damage I am about to do to the American Express. Whoops!

FFG is pleased to be working in collaboration with Myla Lingerie. As always, please remember I only work with the brands I would only ever recommend and wear myself. I am a firm believer in the beauty and craftsmanship presented with this brand, and thus have thrown my full weight behind supporting them as a true British talent in the industry. 


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