THE only coat you NEED to own this season

Autumn Winter Coat 2014

Ladies, start saving your pennies as THE coat of the season is going to cost you a pretty penny. That being said, it is a coat you will love and wear like no coat before it. Ralph Lauren’s Double-Faced-Woll Malorie Coat is $2,995. Yes, that’s more than a month’s salary in most people’s lives. But here’s the math behind this purchase. Let’s round up to $3,000 just to make things easier:

First of all, this beautiful RL creation is two coats in one. It’s reversible and can be worn black to camel or camel to black. That right there immediately cuts the price in half. So that’s $1,500, roughly, as you’re getting two for one. 

Ralph Lauren coat

It’s a guarantee you won’t need any other coat for the season. And let’s just say you choose to wear this coat for the 2014 winter season exclusively and no other years. That won’t be the case, but for the sake of today’s math, play along. The winter months last technically 90 days in the Northern Hemisphere, but the colder weather, allowing for coat wear, usually comes two months earlier. In total, we’re looking at five months wear. That breaks down your price per wear to $20 per day. Technically speaking, the coat will last you a decade. It’s Ralph Lauren after all, which does bring this coat’s price per wear down to a mere two bucks a day.

Will stick with $20, just in case you’re a one season coat wearer. In order to buy this beauty from Ralph Lauren, you’d just have to cut out the following every day for five months:

-Latte every morning at Starbucks $4.30 

-Ditch the cab home after work and walk! That’ll save you anywhere from $16 to $25, depending on where you live and how often you cab it. 

That’s it, people. Just have coffee at work- totally doable – and get your fitness on and walk everywhere. Alright, really what I did there was justify my own purchase of my must have winter coat. 

Cut what you will, buy what you will, but I’m telling you this – coats like this do not come around every day. Buy now or regret later. So I’m off to make some instant coffee and tie up my Nikes. 


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