Announcing a new way to read FFG: The APP!

Ladies and gents, I’m very excited to announce a whole new way to get your FFG fix. This weekend saw the launch of the FFG app on Apple iTunes. It’s been on the “to-do” list for a while now and it’s finally done and dusted and ready for download

For those of you that love coming to the site everyday and wonder why you should go for the app, here’s a few reasons (the ones I explained to my own family) for downloading. 

1. If you’re a commuter on the tube (or any form of public transport), the app will allow you to catch up on FFG reads without being connected to the internet. When you are on wifi the app will automatically cache the stories, so you can catch up on the latest material no matter where you are. Just remember to click through to the app when serious fashion fixes are needed.

2. The app has a great function that showcases old posts for a step back in time to some of FFG’s greatest hits based on your favourite reads. There have been some pretty funny moments showing up in my read more section since installing. Seriously… the things I used to write about!

3. You can follow all of FFG’s social channels in one place. From instagram to twitter, it’s all here for the stalkers in the making.

4. You get absolutely everything you would on FFG’s site on the app. No story’s content or pictures are shortened. It’s all there, right on the iPhone. Easy peasy, right?

5. Last but not least, and this will never change… it’s FREE. I mean who charges for these things anyway? Well, it wasn’t free for me. But it’s free for you, because frankly I love the heck out of you guys and want to make reading FFG as easy as checking into Twitter on your phone. 

So, let me know what you think and enjoy!

PS. The opening image is a-changin’ so don’t judge too harshly on that. Just saying.

Images: Apple /FFG


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