Style Update: Stripes, Florals and Polka Dots

Lovers of print… get ready for your fashion fairytale. Today’s style post is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this explosion of print power. But then again, it’s hard not to showcase print when it comes to this beloved British brand.

A couple of weeks ago Boden asked me to showcase how I would wear their fabulous Alice flats. My initial response – I’d wear them with everything. Well, that doesn’t make for the easiest of style posts, now does it? So, I narrowed it down to one way to wear and it involved a lot of print clashing. We have stripes, florals and polka dots, all competing for attention and I’m loving every blooming minute of it! Can’t you tell? Smiles all around, folks! And if you really love the flats, check out The Boden Blog to see how two other bloggers styled theirs.



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