NEW! Five Friday Favorites

Welcome to the new Friday feature on FFG! Every week Friday will now be devoted to featuring five loves discovered the week before. You can expect to find everything from fashion to beauty here, and I’m sure some lifestyle thrown in as well, as well as hints concerning what to expect in the week to come. Today there’s a good split between trends in fashion and must haves in beauty, and a little hint as to where I’m headed next week! Enjoy! 

1. Saint James Atelier Shirt

Do you ever wonder where the whole Breton Stripe trend started and who’s responsible? Point those perfectly manicured fingers at the Saint James Atelier, producers of the Breton Stripe since 1850. They even still supply the French Navy today with their Breton Stripes for Uniform. You can’t get much more iconic, or better in quality when it comes to a striped moment in fashion. I am newly obsessed as I’ve just obtained my very first and I am wearing it to death (you may have seen it in yesterday’s post). This is one of those fashion investments you need in your closet and, if you treat it well, it should last for generations to come!

2. White Stuff Trainers 

Came home to a wonderful surprise earlier in the week in the form of a pair of personalized white trainers from White Stuff. The company have just launched these new white sneakers for spring and thought they’d give me a certain spring in my step for the season ahead with my initials embroidered on the tongue. Is it wrong that I immediately thought of these as wedding shoes? Perfection!

3. Bobbi Brown Retro Red

I am officially obsessed with this red lip colour. It’s my new favourite and has the most Hollywood glam effect ever! Truly your lips look like they should be on the big screen and the pigment is pure perfection, which lasts a lot longer than I’m used to with a classic red. If you ever needed a quick pick me up, this is it!

4. Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne Intense

For the first time, in a long time, I’m retiring my Le Labo fragrance and replacing it with a new intense scent from Jo Malone. Introducing Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, as part of the new Cologne Intense range from the brand. This is quite simply intoxicating. It’s spicy, feminine and the perfect mid-winter scent. LOVE!

5. Pixi Double Cleanser by Caroline Hirons

I feel like this shout out should come with a purchase warning label that reads: if you manage to find this online or in stores buy it right then and there, don’t delay. Seriously, it seems as if Pixi can’t make these fast enough. They are sold out everywhere, from Target in the USA to Marks & Spencer in the UK. Your best bet is probably to order it straight form the source with Pixi online. Now, onto what it is. For anyone in the world that knows about Caroline Hirons, you will know this woman is THE lady when it comes to skincare knowledge. Her blog is the bible of skincare these days and whatever advice she chooses to hand down usually comes in the form of a miracle for any troubled skin. Now, she’s teamed up with Pixi to give us the perfect double cleanser in one. Yeah, she has been going on about double cleansing for a while and now none of us have any excuse not to just get on with it! 


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