Five Friday Favorites: Luxury Lusting on Cactus shoes, cable knit cashmere and more

Let’s switch things up a bit today, shall we? The Friday Five are all wishlist wants. Let this act as a “hint dropper.” You know what I mean. You leave this page open for a certain someone to see or comment on it casually as you open it and see the Valentino Palm Bag staring back at you. “Oh,” you say, “would you look at that? I’d die for that.” Hint dropped. See where I’m going?

Now the walk through, from left to right:

1. Burberry One Shoulder Cashmere top. If you read my column in Hello! Magazine, I’ll give you a sneak peek into my next column in which I declare one shoulder sex appeal to be THE thing for the season ahead. Burberry are delivering in a the most decadent fashion. Yeah, I want it. It’s fitted and just downright fabulous. 

2. Valentino Palm Print Small Bead Bag. Do you really need me to spell this one out for you? If the hashtag #baggoals could see this now, as a collective, there would be riots. It’s a thing of true luxurious beauty. 

3. Man Repeller Cactus High Heels. Yes, the lady has a shoe collection, and in true Man Repeller style they are absolutely perfect! These make a serious statement, run with a goofy side note and end a beautiful golden finish. Yup, just like the blogger in question. These will sell out. Just saying. Get in there. 

4. Pierre Hardy Flat Roped Sandals. What? I love a roped sandal.

5. F.R.S. For Restless Sleepers tropical print pants. You could easily think these are just posh pajama pants. Alas, they are made to be worn where the whole world can admire them, not just your flatmate. Pair with a simple white tank or a button down chambray shirt and let the trousers do all the talking!


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