Style Update: It’s all about the Parrot Earrings

Do you guys have those things you buy that you keep in reserve? Maybe a dress, a special shirt or a piece of jewellery that you are saving for a special occasion? I do this all the time when I buy stuff. I purchase, receive and store away like some magical moment will appear when the time is right for it to go on display for the debut wear. It’s a bad habit and, don’t laugh, one that I promised myself I’d break in 2017. I have way too many “just wait for it” items and the reality of the situation is that there is no perfect moment. If you love something, wear it and love the moment you are creating in doing so. Sometimes the most special things work perfectly in the most casual of moments. 

So yes, these earrings that I’m sporting today are the perfect example of such an occasion. They were a big purchase, born out of a love affair with accessories, and they never made it into a draw. I took them straight out of the delivery package and clipped them right onto the lobes. I’d wear them everyday if I could (but I’d probably have sore lobes…. one day a week works ;)).

What I’m Wearing:

Earrings, Skirt, Cardigan, Shoes


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