Style Update: The red dress disguise

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I tried laser on my face earlier this week to get rid of years of redness that has developed on my cheeks from rosacea. There’s a whole story there and I’m waiting to share and here’s why…. there was some unexpected swelling. I looked like I’d had my wisdom teeth taken out all week. It wasn’t my best look, but I can already see it was worth the “Alvin and The Chipmunks” jokes. The thing is, life goes on. Sadly I’m not one of these ladies who can go into hiding for a week and not keep working. Not to mention the fact that would drive me crazy! So out I went, swollen cheeks and all. My only plan was to distract! I went bright and bold with the dress (which I adore) and covered as much as I could with sunglasses. Ha! Anywho, there’s a tale behind every ensemble and that’s this one. Next time I wear it, I’ll be back to normal and accessorising to boot.

What I’m Wearing:

Embroidered Red Dress 


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