Sketch London’s Christmas Extravaganza

Christmas in London means massive transformations to some of our favourite haunts. Some are simple, others are so over the top it’s hard to recognise the original venue. All, however, are in celebration of the festive season. There are no Grinches here, only people looking to capitalise on the biggest consumer holiday in existence. I might as well just give them all my money now. I am such a sucker for holiday decor. My first really festive day this year was kicked off by none other than Sketch London, who are known for their over-the-top in house decorations. Heck, even the loos get a complete revamp. And it’s not exactly easy to reimagine bathroom egg pods, but they do it with gusto.

So I thought I’d give you a look at what you will find in Sketch London this year, with the idea, of course, that you go and see it yourself. Pictures only tell half the story – my half. There is so much to discover here, and I highly encourage you to. If you simply step in for a late afternoon coffee, it’s well worth it. However, an afternoon tea is always preferred. The pink gallery is still pink and filled with a different display of artwork. It’s really the only room that isn’t completely transformed for the season. Everything else has had a bit of a festive facelift. Alright, enough talking for me. Check out the Christmas decor…

More info: Sketch London 


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