Outfit du Jour returns

Over the past three years I’ve had more requests to bring back Outfit du Jour than anything else. So, I’m caving in, finally, and slowly reintroducing one of FFG’s most popular segments. For those of you that aren’t old school FFG readers, let me give you a quick brief on what exactly this is.

Back in the day, and we’re talking way back here, I used to clip and print out favourite pieces from designer websites and magazines and basically put together my dream wardrobe each season. These were back in the days before I even started FFG. Then the world became completely digital, blogs included, and I started putting together dream outfits in photoshop, if money were absolutely no object and if I had a closet the size of a house to hold it all. Outfit du Jour was born and I regularly shared looks at outfits I would put together on a daily basis. It became a thing. Then life took over, FFG got bigger, I refused to hire people to do stuff like Outfit du Jour for me, because it was mine…. all mine 😉 and it ended up meeting an untimely shelf. Well, it’s back. I’m bringing it back. Bringing back the style, bringing back the dreams of meeting a lottery ticket that would net me £100 million in a hot minute. Hey, a girl has to dream! Enjoy!

Details of the above outfit:

ROKH sweater, Khaite Jeans, Valentino Sneakers, Burberry Bag, Emma Willis Shirt

Rebecca Ravenel Earrings


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