Shop The Look: The Maine Attraction

I’m not sure if you are picking up on a bit of a style change that’s currently underway in my closet. I am embracing more neutral colours and buying up basics that I know I’ll keep forever in the process. I just want an easier wardrobe – one I can walk into and pick up anything and know it will all go together. I think this has something to do with getting old, always wanting to look stylish, but feeling like time is moving so quickly that I don’t have hours anymore to make that happen. Let’s call it what it is, a midlife fashion crisis. But I’m having it. There’s nothing to be done. So here’s hoping you’re enjoying it! Every single thing you see in the picture above, I know I will have from today until they are either worn down or I’m dead. I absolutely adore this outfit and every single piece involved in its composition. So, here’s a breakdown, piece by piece. Each and every item is a hero piece and I feel like every penny spent was worth it! Now, details….



Trousers (available in extended sizes)

Sandals (available up to a size 12)


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