24 Hours Discovering Stratford Upon Avon with Hotel Indigo

So here I have to put heart on hand and apologise once again. I’ve called myself a resident of the UK for nearly two decades and have seen so little of this country. And it’s moments like this, when I’m invited to discover charming towns around London, that I feel like I have truly let us all down. There is so much beauty in this country. Why am I always leaving?! Well, a big thank you to Hotel Indigo, for pulling me out of my London bubble and introducing me (and you, now) to Stratford Upon Avon. Londoners, tourists, people passing, put this little gem on your must see list right here and right now. I was invited to explore Stratford Upon Avon as part of a new initiative that Hotel Indigo is presenting, which is altogether brilliant. They have brought us Clues to The Neighbourhood and my goodness do I wish every single hotel group would embrace their area the way Hotel Indigo have in Stratford Upon Avon. Clues to the Neighbourhood, which are local artefacts displayed in the hotel library, highlight the local attractions, businesses and events, that otherwise wouldn’t naturally be on your radar. They’ve gotten to know the people and places around them and they are all too ready to shout their praises, in an elegant and subtle manner, of course. So, I wanted to show you what I discovered, while I was in town for 24 hours. From beautiful cityscapes to teddy bear stores, venison meals I’ll never forget to in room hampers full of breakfast goodies. This was truly a trip of discovery. And I couldn’t love it more when a hotel does the hard work for you in putting together the perfect itinerary.

Note: This is paid partnership with Hotel Indigo.

Let’s start with a look around the town.

And now for a look around the Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon. A few things you should know first, however. This is a 16th century building. You read that correctly. It’s beautiful and original. There are 93 rooms in the hotel, with some existing in a new, more contemporary, section of the hotel. I had the absolute pleasure of staying in the 16th century section of Hotel Indigo, where the rooms were cozy and charming. I couldn’t help but think of Shakespeare. Well, no one can help it really. The entire set up of the hotel features gentle nods to the local legend. From contemporary busts to art work scattered throughout, Shakespeare is everywhere here and it’s splendid and inspiring. When you do go to stay, make sure and order breakfast to the room. It arrives in the most beautiful hamper, piping hot and ready to be unpacked. I found this to be one of the best breakfast experiences I have had in a hotel to date. Trust me when I say that’s saying a heck of a lot. I just absolutely loved it here and can’t wait to explore more Hotel Indigo Hotels. The beautiful thing about these properties is that no two are the same. Each is original in its decor and reflection of the city it resides in, which is why the “Clues to the Neighbourhood” is such a brilliant plan to encourage guests to not just experience their surroundings in the comfort of the hotel, but to get out there armed with the knowledge of the local highlights.

While in residence, the “Clues to the Neighbourhood” were presented in the library. Artefacts and more were laid out , featuring everything from antique hair combs to paintings of some rather famous homes. This was a place of discovery for the surrounding area and it was absolutely intriguing.

And finally, and get ready to drool, a look at our final luncheon at The Woodsman in the hotel. This is one of the best meals I’ve ever had….ever. I’m not being funny, guys. I’d drive back from London just to have lunch here again. I dream of the Venison Wellington.



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