London Food Review: Daffodil Mulligan

Last month I headed to Old Street to take in the tastes of a new Richard Corrigan establishment, Daffodil Mulligan. For those not familiar with the legend that is Mr. Corrigan, let me give you the appetiser sized bio. The Irish chef is a bit of a London legend, the man behind famous local establishments such as Corrigan’s Mayfair, Bentley’s Oyster Bar, sitting just off Piccadilly, and Bentley’s Sea Grill in Harrods. When this chef puts his name to something, foodies step up in great numbers to try it all. So, there I found myself, sitting with the foodie crowd one Wednesday afternoon, ready to order up the best of the menu with our critical tastebuds at the ready.

As Corrigan is famous for his oyster whispering (is that actually a thing…and if it isn’t, shouldn’t it be?), we started with a stream of appetisers, many that were inspired by the world’s most perfect food…the oyster itself! Seafood championed our first mouthfuls at Daffodil Mulligan, and certainly set the tone for what was to come. I’m still dreaming of the steak tartar, served with an oyster emulsion and presented in an oyster shell. For mains, however, we headed back onto the mainland for ingredients. A superb beef wellington was devoured in seconds, with spoonfuls of bone marrow mash. Roasted lamb chops with root vegetables and and wild pesto were a taste sensation we all dug into next, alongside perfectly cooked sweet roast heritage carrots and a hefty serving of perfectly seasoned broccoli. Our mothers would be proud. We ate our vegetables.

Whatever good we did with vegetables in the main, we certainly undid with our generous ordering of deserts. From ginger shortbread with oranges and cream to a soft serve ice cream topped with caramel covered popcorn, every sweet tooth was satisfied.

Two hours later, we had cleared the restaurant. Only a group of four men, enjoying a long lunch just far enough away from the city, remained. It should be noted that all four men seemed to take great joy in watching us snap away as each and every dish arrived on the table. What? Not everyone takes pictures of their food? If it doesn’t appear online did you ever really eat it anyway?

Bottom line: Daffodil Mulligan is definitely worth a visit for good food and a great atmosphere for a meal with friends, no matter how large or small your party. But, make sure you come with a hefty appetite. You’ll want to order absolutely everything!

Daffodil Mulligan

70-74 City Road, London




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