Style Update: Pink Gingham Off The Shoulder Goodness

I gave in. I gave in to the dress that has stolen the hearts of summer dress buyers for the past two years. And it’s easy to see why. This oversized linen house dress is chic as chic gets. You can just throw it on (proving you own a supportive strapless bra), it’s easy, breezy beautiful (to steal a line from Covergirl). Although, I had my doubts. I’ve mainly seen this dress on women with little to no curves, where the thought of needing a strapless bra is the furthest thing from their minds when they looked at the off-the-shoulder situation. So, I went in with a cautious buyer mentality.

As soon as I took the dress out of the bag, I could see the appeal. The fabric is a light linen. It’s ideal for any summer heat that might come your way, whether at home or lucky enough to be on vacation this summer. So, that’s a big plus point. It’s also massively oversized and stretchy. I bought the XL, and can easily imagine someone who wears a size 20 or 22 being able to fit into this dress with no problems at all. Of course I have my doubts as to whether or not this was actually the intention of the designers. Their website would suggest otherwise, as there are all straight sized models showcasing the goods. But hey, that’s what I’m here for, to show you the curvy potential in dresses, right?

Anyway, enough waffling on my part. I just wanted to put this brand and their super stretchy oversized pieces on your radar now. I’ve included a few more in the shopping links (aff) below, so you can have a look at what else grabs your attention…that is of course if you can tear your eyes away from the pink gingham!



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