The world’s most comfortable pants: how to wear them and why they’re so darn controversial


Let’s just say it up front… that’s a big title. There’s a lot there. So let’s take it apart, starting with “the world’s most comfortable pants” claim. I realise, it’s a big one. But I kid you not, these are the sort of trousers that change lives. They are trousers that have so much stretch in them, you could easily lift your leg over your head and not feel the slightest resistance from the pants department. They are trousers that are also chic as heck. I hear people all the time say, “my trousers are so comfortable and at the same time so chic.” 99 percent of the time, I want to shake those woman and say, “your trousers look comfortable, but you are fooling yourself regarding the chicness level.” That’s not the case here, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

My first encounter with these trousers came while walking down Westbourne Grove. A woman my height was coming at me wearing the fiercest wide leg trousers and a cropped white tee. I don’t usually stop women mid-stride and ask where I can buy their clothing, but this moment required me to put my pride to one side and ask a direct question. “Sorry to stop you, but I couldn’t let those trousers walk past me without knowing where to buy them for myself.” I actually said that. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I remembered why I don’t stop and talk to random strangers. I don’t do it very well at all. But, this was worth it. There’ s a lesson there for a later date.

The woman removed her over ear headphones, sported an annoyed smile and gave me the information I was looking for. A bit rude and a bit snooty, I won’t lie, but then again I did disturb her mid flow to ask her for the label of her trousers. I like to think she was listening to some inspiring podcast, while simultaneously working out the correct chemical formulation for a future pandemic vaccine and also, just maybe, figuring out a way forward for world peace. And of course that is why she was so rude. I was interrupting greatness in the making. In reality, dear reader, it was Britney Spears blaring from her headphones as she marched off.

Let that not distract from the vital information that was passed on. As I walked into my meeting in Notting Hill, I was already on the website ordering three pairs of the said trousers. They weren’t inexpensive,  but I was ordering two sizes in one and the last size in another colour way. I wasn’t going to mess this one up.

Now obviously, I couldn’t ask the strutting supermodel if I could touch her trousers. So, when they arrived in the post and I pulled them out of the box, I physically swooned. These were heavy knit trousers. That’s why they sat and flowed so beautiful on her frame. They were the perfect material and they were stretchier than any Lululemon pant I’d ever put on. Plus and plus again. I had ordered a large and and XL in the post. I could have worn the large, but the XL was more comfortable. And I have to say the XL would fit an XXL and perhaps even and XXXL. It’s that stretchy!

I immediately googled to find more, and am now the proud owner of three pairs of these pants, that are worn weekly. They wash fantastically, they are always grabbing attention and when women stop to ask me where they are from, I actually stop and say, “I’m so glad you asked, I’m about to change your life.” Now, full disclosure. I have a few friends that hover around the 5’3 mark, and they’ve ordered and had these trousers tailored. So that’s doable. Tried, tested and done. But, if you are tall, like me, you’ll be shocked at the length on these bad boys. But, remember, tailoring should not cost the world, if you have to do it. This should be a £15 addition to the price to get the length right for you.

Anywho, I now own a pair in solid black, black and white leopard with a racing stripe down the side and the pair you see modelled here today, with three ways to wear.

Now, why are these particular trousers so controversial? Well, they are horizontal stripes. That’s the only reason. Every woman I know, growing up, was told not to wear horizontal stripes, ever. This was the equivalent of painting “wide load” on your rear end. Well, darling ones, let me be the first to tell you that’s a lie we were sold. Not all horizontal stripes are bad, and these trousers…. well, they are oh so good!

So, without further ado, let me show you three ways to wear. But also, let me introduce you officially to the trousers/ pants / whatever you want to call them… that are about to change your life. Think airline travel, dropping the kids off at school, relaxing on the couch or roadtripping cross country all while looking sh*t hot. That’s what these beauties can do!

Now, here are the three ways to wear!

Look one:

A classic match – leopard and stripes! Ok, this might not be classic for everyone, but it’s one of my favourite ways to pattern mix!

Look Two:

The pleather pleaser! Yup, this outfit is all about pairing a great pleather jacket for an extra layer of warmth! But I love the chic way it brings the look together! Also, who knew a ballon sleeve leather jacket existed?!

Look Three:

This is my nautical way to wear. It’s what I imagine I’d pack for a casual Sunday morning on a luxury yacht. Ha! Does anyone have a luxury yacht they’d love to invite me aboard? I’m open and ready!



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