Try On: 6 Summer Dresses from Seasalt Cornwall

Today’s try on is from a company that is near and dear to my heart. One of the first ever brand meetings I took after starting my blog in 2009 was with Seasalt Cornwall. I was blown away by the clothes and the loving souls representing the brand. This may come across as entirely cheesy, but I knew this would be a brand I would always talk about. They are forever working towards creating sustainable clothing and supporting the environment, while also being easy on our wallets.  I was shocked by their price points and how reasonable they were, mainly because every company trying to act as “eco” as they were at the time had a price tag that was way above my pay grade. Not Seasalt. Most of their dresses are all under £100 and everything about the shopping experience feels green, yet also luxury. Let’s just say they are setting a high moral standard for the rest of the industry to follow. Even receiving a package from Seasalt Cornwall is a different experience. The packaging itself contains no plastic! My dresses came folded perfectly atop one another in a paper recyclable package. This is a brand that has thought of everything and still strives to do better. So, I’m very pleased to present this week’s shopping spree from a brand that is local, beautiful and worth every penny you will spend on these dresses.

Before we kick into the edit, let me first tell you that Seasalt Cornwall does ship globally! So, if you are anywhere out and about the world, don’t let me saying “this is a local UK business” put you off. They may be proud to operate in Cornwall, but they service the entire world with their gorgeous garments.

Now, let’s get into what I tried on, what fit, what didn’t, what needed sizing up and what I ended up keeping and returning. Please note I am wearing a size 18uk (14US) across the board:

Charlotte Dress


Size 0-28

The first thing you will notice about this dress is how light it is. The fabric is sort of a silky cotton and it is also lined, but not tight to the body, so don’t worry about that horrible idea (honestly, who makes the lining of a dress tighter than a skirt? Don’t get me started). It swishes beautifully as you move and passed the sitting text with flying colours. I adore the longer sleeves and it HAS POCKETS! I would size up if you have a larger chest, or use my boob trick for keeping the buttons from gaping. It was a keeper!

Carved Wood Dress


Sizes 0-20

When I talked about this dress on instagram, I declared it was the perfect “meeting the mother-in-law” dress. Isn’t it though? It’s one of those dresses that looks refined and dignified without trying too hard. It’s a gorgeous heavy linen, so it sits nicely on the body and swishes in a lovely expensive manner as you walk. It’s available in this British racing green and a dark denim blue, both tried on and I preferred the green for my skin colour. Runs true to size! I kept this…. in case I need it to meet any mothers or fathers in law in the future!

Sea Quest Dress


Sizes 0-20

I’m just going to say it here and now…this is one of my favourites and I knew it would be a keeper the moment I saw it on the site. I love a pinafore dress and I have never found one that will fit me properly until now! This is linen, but looks denim-ish. It suits curves as well as straight sized bodies, amen! And it has pockets…noticing a theme? They all have pockets!!!! The only downside is the fastening in the back. I had a bit of trouble doing up the button. But, it’s worth it to either struggle it out or ask for assistance. You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for this exact dress!

Hand Loom Dress


Sizes 0-20

Alright, this is the one dress above £100, but it comes with a good reason. The way in which it is made is truly artisanal and you see that in the beautiful detail of the dress as well as in the feel of the fabric. This was one of my favourites. It truly felt special, like nothing I had ever tried on before. But, I do get the impression that it was supposed to be more oversized than fitted, so I would suggest ordering a size up. So I’m ordering a size up and trying again!

Belle Dress


Sizes 0-20

Now we’re getting into some seriously stunning and unique prints. This is a lightweight cotton that is fit and flare. It feels like you are wearing nothing at all – a mega plus point come summer months! I will say upfront that dresses without sleeves make me very nervous, but somehow this felt flattering on my arms. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the strong print taking all the focus. But, I did adore it. Almost a keeper but I’m trying to keep myself from a house that is literally clothing from floor to ceiling. Can’t keep them all! But man I wish I could!

Lottie Dress


Sizes 0-20

The Lottie Dress is a combination of the Carver Wood Dress  and the Charlotte Dress. It has that same shirt dress moment happening, with a capped sleeve, and a generous lining. When I first saw this dress, I thought the brushstrokes were sailboats. See where my mind goes when it comes to Cornwall? This is Seasalt’s best selling dress and I can absolutely see why. It’s an easy dress to throw on and go anytime during the summer months! You cannot go wrong with this beauty.


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