Try On: 6 Summer Dresses from ASOS

 Another Monday, another try on… this time from an online favourite – ASOS. This is my bargain central. I have found some of my favourite dresses here and continue to on a weekly basis! This try on, however, is a bit different, as there were a few pieces that I had to show you that I just couldn’t see ever working. And I wanted to talk about why. There are four pieces that I absolutely adore and two that I kept. So without further delay, here’s a look at six summer dresses from ASOS, and I’m speaking the truth about every single one…

A few reminders: I’m a size 18UK (US 14/16) and stand at over six feet tall. Hope that helps!

Midaxi Grapefruit Dress


Available in size 6-16 and plus size 18-28

This dress was always going to be a keeper. It’s a beautiful print, fits loosely and comfortably and is basically the perfect recipe for an ideal summer dress. I’ll be honest and say the fabric isn’t luxury. It feels like a high street dress, so don’t expect anything magnificent. But, that print! I mean…grapefruit! It’s brilliant. Absolutely adore it and has pride of place in the closet now!

Mini Dress in Ditsy Floral

Was £32, Now £26.50

Size 6-16, Plus Size 18-28

I loved this dress. I think it will look great in summer with bare legs and in autumn winter with tights and wellies. And let’s be honest here and say that an all season dress is really a winner. It’s a mini, but it’s not an indecent mini. Let’s just say no bits are on show! It also has long sleeves! How often do you find a good mini with long puffy sleeves? That makes it a keeper right there. I tied my tie in the front, but it is actually meant to be tied in the back. Just thought I’d say that up front. If festivals were taking place this summer, this is one I’d definitely be packing!

Puff Sleeve Black Midi Dress


Size 6-18

You keep asking for darker colours in dresses and I’m delivering. This one’s a beauty. It’s oversized and I felt I had to say that upfront. It isn’t poorly fitting. It is actually meant to be worn oversized. It’s hard to tell as it isn’t seen on a model on the site. It’s a great heavier poplin like fabric and it has a white tie in the back, just at the shoulders. I did end up sending this back, because, well, I’m not into wearing black that often in the summer. But I’m listening to you guys and I know you’re interested, so I’m showcasing! There you have it. Not a keeper for me, but might work for you?

Linen Wrap Mini Dress


Size xs-xl, plus size 18-24 

I couldn’t unwrap this fast enough. It was my favourite purchase from the whole order. A white linen wrap mini. I’ve been searching for you for a while now, beautiful dress! It’s another great mini length – not too short and just long enough to be flattering! With a 3/4 sleeve, it also ticks all the boxes needed. It felt high quality, looks lush and can be accessorised so many different ways. The £38 price tag is, frankly, a bargain for this find! Buy it quickly….

One Shoulder Maxi Ruffle Dress


Sizes 6-18

Ok, now we get into the “couldn’t put them back into the bag fast enough” category of the try on, starting with this rather intense one shoulder ruffle dress. Looked great on the model. Got it out of the bag and I was shocked by how much fabric there was. I’ll be honest. This will only look good on you if you are tiny. And I mean you can’t have an extra pound on you or this dress will call attention to it with it’s extra everything. I felt like an exploding rotten avocado. No, no, no.

Wide Leg Jumpsuit


Sizes 6-18

No. a thousand times no. I had high hopes for this jumpsuit. But it’s a no go. This is a tall and I’m still seeing a lot of ankle there. Also, the fit. Just no. The waist is for shorter people, not a tall jumpsuit. I just can’t. Not saying anymore. Buy if you under 5’7 and have a shorter torso and longer legs only!


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