Try on: 6 Phase Eight Summer Dresses

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Phase Eight dresses. Been wearing them for years. They also have a plus size collection, Studio 8, which extends past their standard size 18/20 size ceiling on their normal garments. So, another major tick there. Basically, they are just a lovely brand that are probably most likely known for their event dresses. I’ve seen many a Phase Eight garment at Ascot and Wimbledon. Few people may be aware that they also have killer day dresses. So, for this try on, I selected a few dressier pieces, but mainly everyday dresses to wear out and about and look fabulous. Since my selection, the brand has had a drop of over 1,000 new items. So, at the end of this post, I’ve selected a few more favourites that I didn’t try on, but that are well worth a look! Happy shopping and remember you can see all of these garments in action over on my Instagram Stories (look for highlights try on July 2020 if you are coming in late to the party). Now, onto spring summer dresses from Phase Eight…

A few notes. First, I wear a size UK 18, US 14/16. The sizes spoken about herewith are all UK sizes. Please also note that affiliate links are used in this post.

Palm Lace Print Dress


Sizes 8-18

I’m kicking off with my favourite from the bunch, but also the one I’m most frustrated with. I think this is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESS. But, I ordered the 18 and I look like I’m wearing a sausage casing. It’s too small for me, and I could have sat down and cried about that. I adore this look. It’s a dress I pictured myself wearing to a thousand different events before I even unpacked it. Then, I pulled it up around my hips and felt the familiar tug of a too tight garment. All that said, I couldn’t not share it, because not all of you are an eighteen. I would say size one up and you’ll be golden. So for all you size 4s to 16s, you are in luck. This one is your dream dress. Will someone please buy it and wear it to Palm Springs for me?

Heritage Rose Print Dress


Size 6-20

I felt like a Hollywood princess in this dress. Just show me a direct route to 1950s Los Angeles and we’re golden. This is one for the social distance garden parties to come this summer, and beyond. It’s a classic floral print that will never go out of style It fits true to size and has pockets! Need I say more?

Palm Print Linen Dress


Sizes 6-18

Another truly stunning palm print dress or the ages…and this one fit! Loved the wide straps that easily allows for a great bra to be worn with it without fear of showing. Hallelujah. Also felt very luxurious and flattering!

Fit and Flare Dress


Sizes 6-18

It’s been a little while since I bought a little black dress. This one I couldn’t say no to. It’s perfect in every way. Beautifully belted, the perfect length, has pockets and the ideal v-neck. It’s one of those dresses I’ll have forever, will wear on numerous occasions and will always feel fabulous in. Don’t you love those dresses? The ones you have in your closet that you can pull out at any time and know you’ll look like a million bucks? This is that dress! It’s a good price, good quality and will look good on any/all figures!

Floral Dress

Was £99, Now £49

Sizes 6-18

Another frustrating one for size. This is meant to be oversized, or at least hang loose. I ordered an 18 and it was not oversized. It was a stage three clinger. But, again, it was a beautiful dress. Sadly, I can’t order a size up as there isn’t one. Again, we’re in a situation where I’m saying to the smaller sizes – this is beautiful and worth a look in, especially as it’s now on sale. But, be warned that for proper fit you will need to go a size up!

Frill Maxi Dress


Sizes 6-20

Last, but certainly not least, a beautiful green maxi (mid-axi on me) dress that is an absolute classic. I remember my mom had a dress like this in the 80s. She was skinny mini and I would have never been able to fit into it, had she kept it, but I’ve often swooned over it in pictures. When I found this dress online that’s all I could think about and I wasn’t let down when it arrived. It’s a beautiful print and the cut is eternally flattering! It is flows beautifully in the wind… if that’s your bag! For me, it will be a summer dream photographing this in the country fields with a big straw hat!

And now for the dresses I wish I had put in my order:


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