Try On: 8 Summer Dresses from ASOS available now

Another day, another try on and this from a retailer you guys are used to seeing me feature because, well, because they have great things. This week is no exception. The dresses I found in the new arrivals had me waiting for my delivery man by the door. Such insanely good items here, people. From bright prints to bold colours, this is not a try on for the weak of heart. This is a try on for those who want to march into the streets confidently and with an intention of getting noticed. And if you aren’t marching out of the house everyday with that intention… let’s talk, ladies and gentleman. Life is too short to play it safe. Go bold, go big, or stay at home in your jammies. That’s how I’m playing it anyway. Alright, without further ado, the details you need to know before we get started.

The physical stuff first. I’m a UK18, US14-16 in size. I stand at 6’2, which is important for today’s try on as I talk about length a lot! You can also see absolutely everything in action by zooming over to my Instagram, where each and every dress is talked about and moved around in on stories. Also, please be aware that affiliate links are used in this post! Now, Drum roll please….

Lemon Print Maxi Dress


Sizes 4-18

Give me lemons, and screw the lemonade, make me a lemon dress! Absolutely adore this number and the way it fits. It’s sort of a stretchy material, so it’s easy to wear out and about throughout the day. The sleeves are puffy, so you’ve got a statement on top of a print statement here. Basically, there’s a lot going on with this dress, and it’s perfect. It’s loud, in your face and fantastic. It also runs true to size and will have people stopping you on every street corner asking where they can get one. Only downside? No pockets.

Broderie Maxi Dress


Size XS-XL

Now I’m gonna talk size here first, because the retailer describes the XL as fitting a size 14. Well, in your face, silly size makers. I’m an 18 and the XL fits me lovely enough. Granted, it should be a bit more loose, but I’m rocking it! Just goes to show, you never know until you try, so always try. This was one of my favourite dresses of the bunch, mainly because of the colour and the beautiful workmanship on the dress…. hence the higher price tag. She’s a real beauty!

Green Print Ditsy Dress


Sizes 4-18

I’ll go ahead and say I wasn’t sure about this dress when I saw it online but something compelled me to take a chance and I’m glad I did. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn and I’ll be keeping just to throw on and wear around the house. I can guarantee it will probably leave the house as well, but for now, I’m declaring this the perfect house dress. It’s plisse- read that to mean stretch heaven in dress form. It’s also a great length and has a frilly neckline. Done and done! It’s an oversized fit…oh, and pockets!

Satin Wrap Maxi Dress


Sizes 4-18

I have a few of this style dress from Asos, in a few different prints and each and every one gets worn repeatedly. And yes, every time a new one comes on the market, I purchase it. When something works… it works. Why question it? I love a wrap dress, but all too often they are in jersey and cling in all the wrong places. Not these. Because they are tiered, and in material that skims the body, rather than clinging to it, they are universally flattering! Sadly no pockets, but you can’t have it all.


Midaxi Dress with Ruffle Wrap


Sizes 18-24

Another wrap dress that works! Amen! This is in a paper bag like material and it’s all needed to be puffy! It works. the sleeves, the way the dress hangs, the lightness of wearing…it all comes together. And the colour is insane. Just insane. You so seldom find a really stand out red, but this is one of them! It’s simply stunning and will make you feel like a girl that is setting flame to the street when she walks.

Milkmaid Mini


Size 18-28

I had a lot to say about this mini, but I’ll keep it short. First of all, it’s a dress that makes me think of the Brock Collection, only this won’t make you miss your mortgage payment this month. This is a mini that’s too short on me. I couldn’t bend over without showing the world absolutely everything hidden underneath. And yes, ladies, you have to do the bend test. But remember I’m supersized tall, so this doesn’t apply to everyone. It could be the perfect length on you! It’s always worth a go!

Tiered Maxi Dress


Sizes 4-18

Speaking of milkmaids…this one’s a twist with colours that would most certainly scare any cow you sat down to milk. Sorry, it had to be said. This is bright. Brighter than the sun….and I always think the brighter the better, so you know I adore this maxi dress. It’s not for everyone. But, if you want to step outside like a fresh ray of sunshine for the whole world to see, grab this. Please note it has a strap across the back that can be adjusted at the neckline – very helpful for keeping things decent in dresses like this!

Mini Daisy Dress


Sizes 4-20

Last, but certainly not least, a dress I knew I would keep. It’s one of those pieces that you throw on with converse and go. It’s plisse, which again means stretch to heaven and beyond. Why aren’t more dresses like this? It’s mini, but not indecent. Big check mark there. And ladies, it’s comfortable. Truly comfortable! This is the sort of dress you’ll wear all day and forget you’re even wearing it. And trust me, knowing you are wearing a dress means it’s dreadful and uncomfortable. You want to completely feel like you can do anything in a dress, and this beauty falls into that category absolutley!


OK! That’s the end of this try on, check back next Tuesday for another one, and every day in between for new updates about everything style and more (the more coming once we can start travelling again…).


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