100 ways to wear a skirt

Earlier this week, I started working on an epic post, “100 skirts to buy now and wear forever, and tips on how to style them.” Well, last night I asked the question on social, “do you love or hate skirts and why?” The response was intense and it’s thrown my original composition for the piece into a bit of a tailspin. So, if you’ll allow me, I need another day to put everything together. In the meantime, I wanted to share this, before we get into buying skirts. This is 100 ways in which I have worn skirts in the past five years. So many women wrote in to say they didn’t wear skirts because they had a bum or a tum, or just felt too frumpy to do so. There were a few that felt they were too tall or too short. Let me just put this all to rest here and now, and I’ll address again, in full, tomorrow. There is nothing holding you back from wearing skirts other than a ridiculous hold up you have with your own body. Trust me, now one else is a tougher critic on you, than you! Skirts are made for every single woman. Truly. There is no “you have to look this way or that.” They are universally flattering. And I hear you, ladies complaining about the chub rub. But, I’m on that too. So come back tomorrow for a post full of tips, tricks and a woman hell bent on getting you into a skirt this year. Hey, it’s 2020, what could happen…. ugh. Shouldn’t say that should I?

Without further ado…. 100 outfit ideas and ways in which I have worn skirts in the past five years. This is just to get your ideas factory going. Please note I’ve fluctuated between a UK size 16-18 throughout this series, but I’ve never been smaller than that. Also note I’ve always stood at 6’2. I have a body that is truly not made for the fashion world. But I’ve thrown the politest middle finger I can at the whole system and said, “You don’t want me here…. but I’m staying and I’m making it stylish.” But, enough about me… let’s just look at pictures of me instead…. 😉 It’s a strange ole world we live in isn’t it?


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