The best London hotel room for stargazing

Yes, you read that title correctly! It’s not something you think you’d hear together in the same sentence…”London hotel room” and “stargazing”? Sure, “room with a view” or “room with with a terrace,” but room with a view of the stars?! The only other time I’ve seen this offered was in another country – African safaris, Icelandic Northern Lights resorts and more of that ilk. But, did you know, on a clear night, London’s skies do come alive, and there’s one hotel room that will offer a view that is unrivalled. This is the Conservatory Suite and it is something quite special for any city, but something that took me completely by surprise, being in the heart of THIS city. In fact, it’s so central, it’s right next door to Buckingham Palace. If you get lucky you’ll see the Royal Family choppering in over head. It could happen (although I need to double check that the Royal Family does in fact use choppers in and out of the Palace).

So, here’s all you need to know. The Conservatory Suite is a split level penthouse suite inside the luxurious Hotel 41. As the name implies, the master suite sits under a glass ceiling that is fitted with electric blinds, to suit the demands of the guest in residence. Open the blinds to see the stars, close for privacy and to keep the room cool. The door to the suite opens up to a sitting room, complete with working fireplace and lounge area, and a short set of stairs takes you up to the main event – the bedroom, otherwise known as the conservatory. The room will take your breath away,  in both daylight and under the twinkling stars, but the magic doesn’t end there. Even the ensuite bathroom has a focus on pushing the boundaries in luxury, with opulent marble and mirrored ceilings.

A night here is surely one to mark an occasion. Apparently the suite has seen its share of special moments, not that the Hotel 41 would divulge any details. That’s the problem with these supreme luxury hotels. They are all about discretion! That’s also why we all love them. What happens in the Hotel 41 stays in the Hotel 41. But, I’m guessing this room has seen its fair share of proposals. How could a girl say no?

For more information: The Conservatory Suite, Hotel 41


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