The most romantic date night in the UK…

Just when I thought nothing could top having breakfast in a hot air balloon over the desert in Morocco, I find out that the most romantic night of my life was in my backyard all along… In Cambridge…while punting… with pizza and champagne!

Earlier this week we made the quick drive to Cambridge to check out what’s new at The University Arms. While in residence they asked if we’d like to try a new, rather special, activity being offered with Rutherford’s Punting. You can now book a date night with pizza from Parker’s Tavern (The University Arms in-house restaurant) and a bottle of bubbly, to be enjoyed on a private boat. Could you ask for a better combination? The one you love, big slices of piping hot pizza and chilled champagne… romance is in the air, people.

We arrived at Rutherford’s, on the river, five minutes before departure. At 7pm on the dot, our pizzas arrived on site. You are asked to preorder your pizzas when you book the night, and yes, we were already looking forward to the scrumptious selection we had planned.

The boat cozied up to the shore, and we stepped into a situation of comfy cushions, blankets, pillows and more. As it was 92 degrees on this particular night, there were absolutely no blankets needed, but the cushions were welcomed to make for a comfy ride. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a romantic evening out. And saying that, may I please advise that you dress appropriately? Mini skirts aren’t the best attire for such a situation. If you are a regular punter, you will know already that you are basically “legs at 90 degrees” the whole time you’re out, so dress as not to impress, but to be sensible. I’ll leave that there.

Our pizzas and champagne were placed on the table in front of us and our guide took to the boat, pole in hand to set us off for a night to remember. And ladies and gentleman… at 7pm, we were the only moving punting boat on the river. There were a few boats stopped along the way, with people enjoying their own romantic moments. Apart from that, it seemed as if we had the place to ourselves.

As the sun set behind the historic colleges of Cambridge, and the temperature reached a more tolerable level, we tucked into our gourmet pizzas and laughed at how surreal the moment was. Surely this is romance meant for movies, not for two writers on location. We were informed that, in fact, this situation is so romantic, it is now often used as the perfect proposal moment.

Don’t get excited. No questions were asked, nor rings produced. We were there to simply enjoy one another’s company and share the romance far and wide for others to perhaps take this on as an idea for the perfect wedding proposal. Will you?

For more information, or to book directly, please visit Rutherford’s.

And if you’re looking for an incredible night’s stay after your date night, book into no other hotel… The University Arms is THE place to stay in Cambridge.


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