Dress that puffer jacket up, ladies!

So here’s the question. When someone says, “let me grab my puffer jacket and I’ll meet you in five,” what outfit are you imagining that person wearing? For me, and I’m speaking about what I myself would usually be wearing, it’s jeans and a sweater. Easy and end of, that seems to be the puffer jacket uniform. Only today, I wanted to try something different. I wanted to challenge the puffer wearers amongst us to think bigger, think about jazzing it up a bit. The point of a puffer jacket is to keep you warm. That’s its first purpose. The second, is just like anything else you choose for an outfit….style!

This season, Gap have a full range of upcycled puffer jackets in store that service both fashion and function in your wardrobe. First, let me answer the question I asked myself when I read, “upcycled.” What the heck does that mean? Basically, these are jackets made from 100% recycled water resistant Primaloft insulation that mimics the look, feel and warmth of down. So not only do you get to feel like you’re wearing a hug, you’re actually wearing a jacket that is like a hug for the earth. Too far?

Anyway, Gap sent over two of their bold and beautiful puffers and asked me to style them in my own way. I literally answered the door in Gap jeans and a t-shirt. Coincidence or do I have a Gap addiction? I immediately threw on the leopard print puffer and ran to the store for some milk. I was stopped twice (social distanced of course) and asked where my jacket was from. I swear, if you ever stop and ask me in the street where my clothing is from, pardon my insane excitement in answering with gusto. I just love sharing good finds.

I got home, looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “I’d love to make an effort with these jackets.” So I went upstairs, styled a few looks and asked Steve if he thought any were too over the top. In typical guy fashion he answered, “nah, looks cool.” I was hoping for, “you look like something off a top end designer catwalk,” but I’ll take “cool.”

Out of the twelve outfits I tried, these are the two that stuck. Let me tell you a few things I figured out in the process! Layering puffers is an art form. It’s a fine line you walk between looking chic or resembling the staypuffed Marshmallow man.

  1. Puffer jackets are so warm you don’t need to wear with big layers and shouldn’t! Keep things simple underneath! The puffer does all the work for warmth, so stick to thin layers.
  2. Play with print. These days, your jacket is your outfit. When you’re out and about in the winter, your puffer is what people will see more so than what’s underneath, so truly think about having fun with colours and prints. Try a print clash with the puffer and a dress, skirt or trousers you are wearing underneath.
  3. Belt that bad boy! Ever belted a puffer? You get a great waist and a sort of peplum result. Again, keep layers light underneath and wear with something either bodycon or a giant tulle skirt underneath! The end result is the fastest way to look like something off the runway.
  4. No need for gloves! The pockets on these Gap puffers are fleece lined, so simply slipping your hands into the pockets as you go will keep your fingers nice and toasty between instagram posts!

Now go forth and wear your puffer jacket with pride! And definitely check out Gap for a seriously good selection, starting at 99.95 and available in petite and tall!

This post was written in collaboration with GAP.


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