The 27 most fashionable TV shows

As the news of second lockdowns sweep the globe, I thought I’d try and be the deliverer of good news today. Work with me here. I’m not announcing a solution for anything other than good old junk food for the soul, and brain. If you’re looking to tune out of what’s happening around us and tune into pre-pandemic days, back to the time when we would congregate with Cosmopolitans, over brunch, swathed in Dior and feet decorated by Manolo Blahnik… oh wait, I’m not actually the fifth member of the Sex and the City girls… but you get what I mean. Try my tactic. Switch on the television, put on a good old television series where the fashion outshines everything else and get lost in the glitz and glamour of shoes that cost more than our rent, handbags that could be traded for small city apartments and dresses that light up every ounce of our life. These are 27 TV series to sink your teeth into for the best in fashion, whether it’s realistic or not… it’s fashion, people. When did realism ever come into play when dreaming about clothes? Enjoy…

Please check your local listings for how to watch, but note that nearly all series are available on either Netflix, Amazon Prime or iTunes.

Sex and The City

You had to know this was going to be number one. If you haven’t watched this already, what are you waiting for. Don’t judge this series by the films. Watch every single glorious episode of this TV series. Every season was like unlocking another level in the life of wardrobing. The outfits are gloriously farfetched by so very fabulous.

Gossip Girl

I’ll just go ahead and say it. Gossip Girl was a love affair with Sex and The City. This was a teenager’s show, only every twenty and thirty something I know was watching it when it first launched because of the wardrobes. Sure, they’re teenagers, but they are teenagers that carry Birkins, wear Ralph Lauren and model Oscar de la Renta as if it’s just another day at The Gap for us. It’s a life not lived by the majority. Hell, not even the 1% minority understand what’s happening in this series. But it’s a wonderful way to take your mind off anything else happening in the world.

The Bold Type

Yes, another Sex and The City rip in many ways. Are you seeing a trend here? The Bold Type is about three best friends that come together working at a fashion magazine. They are fabulously attired in every episode and their boss Jacqueline offers some grand style ideas for every grown woman’s wardrobe.

Emily in Paris

Yes, I’m throwing in the controversial series because it is absolute fluff that is brought alive by the outrageous fashion! Sure the French and Americans are absolutely slated throughout and it’s totally inconceivable that a twenty something would have access to a wardrobe of Chanel that exceeds £500k (yes, I roughly calculated), but it’s a look at Paris that we’re all missing right now, it features pieces from collections I can only dream of finding one day and again, and there’s a real woman in the mix that does offer up some fantastic fashion moments for those wanting real takeaways to use at home 🙂 Yes, these series can be dream like and tutorial all the same!

Lipstick Jungle

Brought to us by the woman responsible for Sex and The City, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. There are only three girlfriends in this series, and their fashion couldn’t be more different. But, Brooke Shields offers up some seriously enviable and replicable looks here for every closet! And of course second to the fashion is the drama around their relationships with the men in their life. Ladies, there is some serious eye candy in this series and a very strong flashback to an 80s heart throb. Watch this. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Sure, you could watch the old Dynasty, but for updated fashion, tune into the 2010s remake. It’s glorious. It’s full or ridiculous drama and even more ridiculous gowns and looks that you would never imagine simply “popping out” in. But, they do and they make it look easy… in six inch heels. Who are these people and how do their legs do it?


All about a music family empire, this show offers up fashion that is enviable for both men and women that is oh so fabulous and modern. The jewellery, the shoes, the oh so many Herve Leger dresses and more… I spent more time drooling over the fashion than I did the music. But, the music is worth noting as well. This soundtrack is epic. There is a lot of controversy about one of the show’s stars at the moment, so I am throwing that out there to say, “dude, not cool.” But to the rest of the cast and crew, you worked hard on this and your efforts are deserving of a shout out. The show is fashion heaven, from start to finish. Give it a watch.


Revenge feels old as the hills now, but the dresses still haunt me. Again, something for all age groups as it seems there is a woman that represents every decade spanning 50 years in this show. And it is all about the dresses. So many dresses, so many screenshots on my phone. And there’s a lovely escape to the Hamptons here as well (although I’m about to ruin it for you and tell you that it wasn’t filmed there… it was actually filmed on a soundstage in LA…bummer). Escape here with the drama and the fashion!


I want every single thing that Kerry Washington wears in Scandal, from her badass ways in protecting her clients in professional wear, to her nights in, wrapped in cashmere with a wine glass in hand. The fashion in this show has a lovely mix of  “don’t mess with this,” to “I’m soft and cuddly.” It’s crazy wonderful. There were even a few brand collaborations that came about as a result of the fashion in this show. Anywho, if you love a show that delivers high intensity moments, with Donna Karan on the side, get involved ASAP.


Back to New York we go, for a group of four girlfriends growing up together in New York City. Nope, this doesn’t star Sarah Jessica Parker and it is not another SATC. This is Girls and it’s a wonderful coming of age story for Lena Dunham, the show’s star and writer, who details a life (based on her own) as a girl trying to make it in the big city. It’s not always pretty, it’s not always fashionable, but there are some incredible moments here and a renewed love affair of New York City will ensue. A great series offering so much more than fashion, but it’s worth a fashionable mention.

Ugly Betty

Fashion in technicolour. This is truly a show where fashion is on rainbow speed. There is so much colour! The hilarious twist to this is that the show starts around a woman that is seriously lacking in the style department. She then gets a job at a fashion magazine and voila!, a transformation moment is given to us and just keeps on giving. It’s hilarious, bright, bouncy and feel good with a slice of drama. The perfect escape.

The Carrie Diaries

Ever wonder what Carrie Bradshaw was like as a youth? Well, now you don’t have to. The writer of Sex and The City only went and created a book and series about Carrie’s younger years. The fashion is epic. EPIC! It’s only natural to say nothing is as good as the original. If you’re an oldie like me, you’ll love the flashback to the eighties and the outrageous reminders of just how crazy fashion was back then!

The Mindy Project

This is actually one of my favourite fashion shows as Mindy Kaling slays it every episode with her ensembles. She is always stylish and a great role model for women of all sizes. This is designer fashion seen on a body type that is more relatable. I also find that the show itself takes my mind off of absolutely everything else happening in the world! Her man dramas, work dramas and general outlook on life are absolutely captivating!

Schitt’s Creek

I don’t even know where to start here with the fashion. It’s insane. Insane I tell you. Think Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, YSL and more… on males and females alike! David and Moira’s wardrobes will leave you with your head spinning. Now, I must admit that it took me half a season to get into this show, but from then on, I was hooked and so glad I stayed the course. We watched the final episode two weeks ago and I cried like a baby. I didn’t want it to end and I will almost certainly watch the whole thing from start to finish again!

Grace & Frankie

Sure, this Netflix original is about two couples in their seventies. But, it is a show that is entirely ageless in its viewership. Grace and Frankie couldn’t be more different if they tried. One is elegant and preppy, the other is a pot smoking hippy! Both showcase fashion that has made me dread my 70s a little less. They absolutely kill it with their looks. I have a section on my phone where I’ve photographed the screen a few times to try and remember a Ralph Lauren like ensemble from Grace of a fierce overalls look from Frankie. Watch this! It is chicken soup for the soul!


It’s been a while since I’ve seen this, but it’s just come up again on Amazon Prime, so I thought it was worth a mention. It’s 0nly four seasons and it’s more or less part of a common theme here. It centres around female friends and betrayals and showcases the most incredible fashion alongside it all. From school run outfits to top tier designer gowns for big drama events, it’s all here. Again, will take your mind easily away from any current dramas!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you have not watched this Amazon original, based on the life of Joan Rivers, stop what you are doing right now and tune in. Sure, it’s set back in the American 50s and 60s, but the costume design is next level inspiration for those interested in fashion history or for those of us that collect vintage and are looking for eBay search term inspiration. The show will have you rolling no the floor in laughter and drooling over endless beautiful dresses and accessories!


Otherwise known as Good Christian Belles, this show is two parts comedy, three parts southern and a thousand parts fashion, baby! Basically the popular high school girl returns to her hometown after the death of her cheating husband and is confronted with the women she used to mock in high school. Think grown up Mean Girls and you’re getting warm. It’s so over the top it’s ridiculous. But, that’s why it works.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Showcasing just how far we will go for our girlfriends, The Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce may make you laugh and cry in the same episode. A famous self help author’s relationship is on the rocks and the series sees the highs and lows of a marriage breaking apart, as our star is surrounded by friends that help and hinder the process. Based in LA, this series showcases dreamy Californian style!

Hart of Dixie

You guys know I have to love this. Like a modern day Doc Hollywood, a big city girl finds herself working in a small town southern town. Not only does it make for a heartwarming show, it also showcases a great contrast of styles. We have sophisticated city and sweet heart of the south ensembles! A true escape from reality in this small town loveliness.

Jane by Design

Jane is a high school student who manages to score a job as an assistant to a high fashion designer. The series is all about her juggling two lives and she does it in spectacular style! Seriously fun fashion and a storyline that is so spectacularly unbelievable that it works. Don’t ask me how… just watch it.


Drama, people! It’s drama with country music, southern style and some rather delicious man eye candy! The fashion here is both stage and sidewalk, but all enviable. The simple tea dresses, the outfit ideas for jeans and cowboy boots, and oh the hair envy you’ll have! You won’t regret this choice.

Absolutely Fabulous

Ok, so first of all, watch the series of Absolutely Fabulous. Yes, there is a movie and I’m sharing the trailer for that below so you can get an overall idea of what the show is like. Just think…. England, fabulous PR lifestyle, two style icons and… the rest is history. This is a classic British comedy that is adored by all over here, and with good reason.


Dawson’s Creek

An oldie, but a damn goodie. This is Dawson’s Creek and I’ll be really honest about the style up front. It’s hardcore J Crew porn. No joke, they actually had some kind of deal with the show. So if you want to see what we all adored in the USA at J Crew in the 90s, watch every episode. This is addictive watching. A great step back a few decades into the innocence of being a teenager, growing up in a small town on the coast. Yes, I love this because it’s close to home… literally, filmed on the coast of the Carolinas.


Another homage to J Crew, and a bit of Abercrombie in the mix. I don’t think I knew a girl in high school that wasn’t watching this show. We were all tuning in, wondering if our lives would be like Felicity’s as we went into college the following year. This is the story of a girl that travels across the country, following a high school crush to college. It’s heartwarming, it’s wholesome and it features a great flashback to early 2000s fashion!


Gilmore Girls

I don’t even know where to start. Just watch Gilmore Girls. You need these women now more than ever. Trust me on this. Again, it’s a flashback in fashion, to a different time, but one that’s filled with statements that are oh so relevant and worth replicating today. This is TV show that will fill any dark spaces in your heart. It’s truly a hug on a rainy day!


Killing Eve

Who would have ever predicted that an action thriller, cat and mouse, sort of drama would be THE fashion show of the decade? People are obsessed with Killing Eve and I do believe they are divided by those who love the action and those who love the fashion. But, you end up staying for both. However, as I’m fashion obsessed, I’m allowed to say here that the style is truly outstanding and I’m glued to the screen waiting for each new look!


Prepare yourselves as you are going to want every single outfit that Julia Stiles steps out in on the Riviera! The perfect life, the perfect wife and then she loses everything… the rest is as it unfolds for the viewer. This is the high life, wrapped in suspense with drama, action and romance! Buckle up!



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