7 Days of Style: 18th January 2021

plus size outfit ideas

Happy start to the week, everybody. Ok, so I have to admit why this is coming to you late today. I have, quite honestly, lost track of what day of the week we’re in these days. Anyone else feeling like everyday is Groundhog Day? It’s getting a little surreal. Since Steve and I are both freelance, we are just working every day of the week these days and it makes the structure of days of the week well and truly disappear. So, apologies. I didn’t manage to actually get this started until around noontime and I’m just finished with putting it all together.

Once again, for anyone new around here, this is 7 Days of Style, which is published every Monday. I like to think of it, while we’re in lockdown, as a way of pretending I’m getting dressed for a week out and about in London town. So these are the outfits I would be wearing if I had a life, basically. As most of my days out of the house now involve a lot of mud, this is my day to dream, sartorially speaking.

A reminder that I am 6’2 and wear a UK size 18, US 16. There are affiliate links used, but not all products shown have links as I love to pull from my existing closet as often as possible!


plus size outfit

Cardigan Sweater, Skirt, Shoes


plus size outfit

Dress, Belt,


plus size outfit   Zip Sweater, Skirt

Thursday: plus size outfit

Jeans, Vest, Boots


plus size outfit

Dress, Fringe Jacket (similar), Boots


plus size outfit

Cardigan Sweater, Belt, Boots


plus size outfit

Shirt, Skirt, Boots


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