Fashion Myth Buster: You can only be “stylish” in heels

Back in the 90s, I remember reading time and again how just throwing on a pair of heels can “instantly make any outfit more stylish.” As a woman that was already standing at six feet tall at the age of thirteen, I was terrified that I was going to be left out of the stylish pack, as donning a pair of heels would make me taller than our star NBA player in town. Something I wasn’t entirely comfortable with at the time. I opted in for kitten heel wearing and that’s as tall as I went. I basically spent my life in various flat sandals, Vans and Converse. I wore them with everything, because that’s what I felt comfortable in. I wasn’t trying to make a style statement, I was trying to make myself feel comfortable. That was a double plus really as I was comfortable in my own skin and comfortable in walking in flat shoes!

Fast forward 20 years and do you know what’s one of the most fashionable items of footwear right now for women? The trainer! (if you’re American, read that to mean “sneakers.”)

Some of the world’s most famous high heel designers have leant there talent to creating trainers over the years, which more or less cements it… trainers are here to stay! Of course the old standbys – Converse, Vans, New Balance, Nike and more- have also upped their game in the trainer style category. And here we are, in 2021, with a plethora of trainers to suit every outfit and every budget. Yet there are still women who believe that trainers are too casual to wear with dresses and skirts. So, if you’re stuck in trying to see how this could work, allow me to point you in the direction of few examples of how I’ve added stylish trainers to my style mix over the years.

But, before we jump into how I’ve worn them, let me share a few trainers that I believe are absolute wardrobe essentials right now for EVERY woman, no matter your age or size!

Let’s start with the ones I own and swear by…

The classic

This is the shoe we all need, the shoe you can wear with absolutely everything. Don’t believe me? People have actually worn these on red carpets! You cannot go wrong and they come in sizes that will fit every woman. No excuse! Get involved, get comfortable!

The Worn In

I’ve had these for years now and they are my go to sneaker when I want something with a bit more statement than the usual chucks. They are incredibly comfortable and have a worn in feel from the day of purchase. I get asked about these all the time. It’s love, really, with the shoes and the entire brand!

The Pop of Pink

Sadly, my pink New Balance are sold out. No clue when they are coming back in that exact style, but these beauties are next in line for fantastic, plus they have a metallic coating which make them that much more special! Love them!

The Designer Splurge

I bought these YSL trainers years ago but wear them probably about once a week. They have latest longer than any other designer shoe I’ve ever bought. I am putting that down to the fact that it’s a trainer rather than a high heel! I 100% support blowing the budget on a great pair of designer trainers. But, and this is a big “but,” make sure they are easily cleanable and not a finicky fabric. I recommend leather!

The Nike wear-with-all

I think these are my second most worn trainers. I’ve worn them with everything from black tie skirts to skinny black jeans. Never underestimate the power of black trainer. They go with everything!

And now for the trainers / sneakers that are new in that I’m crushing on hard:

The side stripe from Rothy’s

The colour blocked high street favourite

The very reasonably priced mock croc

Another high street wonder

A designer preppy dream

Leopard Print fun!


And now, a handful of the ways I’ve worn my trainers over the years… the style bit of this segment!


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