8 Overalls Outfit Ideas

Last week I featured a pair of overalls from H&M that have now sold out both in the UK and the USA. Rumour has it that they are both being restocked soon. So, if you didn’t manage to grab a pair, make sure to click on over and sign up for notifications for when they restock. I know so many people ordered them in three sizes as they wanted to get them just right. At 19.99, they were a steal, but I know there will be a lot going back in stock with returns. So keep an eye out!

As so many of you did manage to secure a perfectly fitting pair, I promise to overdeliver on the style ideas for how to wear them over the next few months. I thought I’d kick off with 8 ways to wear the overalls, right out of the gate. I’ve styled them 8 ways with, what I consider, wardrobe essentials. From pops of colour, as seen above, to camo jackets, seen below, there are hundreds of way to make these overalls your own. I’ve even given you a first look at how I’ll be wearing them to garden this summer.

Please also know that I’ll be keeping an eye out for any future pairs that come up from other retailers and I’ll keep you in the loop as I unearth any worth mentioning. For now, here are 8 ideas for styling overalls this week! Enjoy and let me know in comments if you’d like to see any further ideas!

Look #1

This look is all about taking the overalls up a notch. I’ve paired them with a men’s blue and white striped shirt and a fitted black blazer and finished it all with a camo flat to keep things casual. This would definitely be a London look for me, suitable for meetings, etc. It’s not “dressy,” but it’s not super casual either. It’s all about the blazer. You can wear your overalls with ANY blazer! Truly. This isn’t limited to black blazers. It would work with tweed, bright colours, double breasted, textured… the world is your oyster!

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Look #2

This is my comfy casual look. I hate my rear end. There… I’ve said it. So, saying that, i’m a big fan of oversized sweaters that cover my bum. I’ve paired the overalls with a ribbed tank top and layered this cotton cardigan over top for a relaxed and comfy look that can be worn to coffee with the girls or for simply lounging on the couch. And this look can be emulated with any oversized cardigan and tank top! Easy peasy!

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Look #3

Double Denim! Now there is a key to this going correctly. If you match your denim too closely in this pairing you do run the risk of looking “wrong.” I tend to go a few shades lighter with my denim shirt than the overalls themselves. It gives depth to your outfit and also just looks so chic! If you do have a denim shirt that’s the same colour, you can try wearing it open, by pairing a white tee or tank underneath the overalls and wearing the denim shirt open over top! Just an idea.

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Look #4

Probably my favourite way to wear my overalls and what I always put on when I’m feeling lazy but still want to look put together. Grab the Breton striped tee and go! It really is that easy. This is the most classic combination and you simply cannot go wrong. That’s a guarantee. If you want to dress it up a little more, pair with a great red lipstick. I swear this look has never let me down.

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Look #5

Another classic, but with a twist. I find most people wear overalls with a white tee, which I love. But, I love to take it up a notch and switch out the white tee for a white button down. This is just an easy oversized one from Gap. Any white shirt will do! Again, it just makes it look a bit more “stylish.” It takes overalls from workwear to “pages of Vogue” chic. Pair with a brightly coloured flat for a pop of colour and you are good to go.

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Look #6

This is for my pattern clashers out there. I’ve taken two prints that are basically neutrals in the fashion book – animal print and camo – and made them the stars in this overall ensemble. Again, two things everyone should have in their closet, a camo jacket and animal print flats! Together they are making outfit magic here with these overalls, if I do say so myself. Haha.

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Look #7

This look is all about the colour! I’ve paired as silk polka dot shirt with a bright pink cashmere sweater. Now, I have no thought of actually putting the sweater, that’s around my waist, on for wearing. It’s there acting as outfit glue. I love the look of a tie around the waist with overalls. It creates a waist where there might not be one because of an oversized shirt. And that pop of colour is just everything. People, please embrace colour. It is the fastest way to a smile every time you catch your reflection in the mirror!

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Look #8

OK, so we’ll end with how I’ll wear these beauties for practical reasons. This is officially my gardening look. Yup, I garden shoeless. I love the feel of my feet in the grass in summer. What can I say? I’ve paired the overalls with a linen apron, which offers a few more pockets to my already existing plethora of pockets on the overalls themselves.

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  1. Susan Noelker Calhoun
    16th March / 4:01 pm

    Love them all, but especially #1 and #7!

  2. 30th March / 6:22 pm

    Beautiful simple style, suit you well !!!

  3. Tonia
    3rd April / 5:43 pm

    Thank you so much for the post on how to wear coveralls. I’ve been rather stuck in a rut lately, well, okay, to be honest it’s been going on since Valentine’s Day of 2019 when I fell and shattered my ankle/shin. Now I have a few things to keep in mind as I wade through the virtual stores in search of things that don’t make me feel like I’m 70.
    Wishing you the best!
    A new Reader.

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