Life: An Update from Easter 2021 including the village, outfits and Ralph

Well, it snowed today… on April 5th, 2021. After living here nearly 20 years now, I’ve never seen it snow in April in England. So that happened. Weird times. Now, I feel like I’m giving you guys a lot of personal updates and not a lot of helpful fashion, beauty and travel updates as of late. What can I say? These are trying times and I’m failing miserably at my job at the moment here over on the blog. Yes, Instagram has continued to receive daily love (and I just launched a new daily exercise of participating in the 30 day outfit reel challenge where I post getting dressed every morning… am I mad?) and FFG sits here, sadly without me. I have to be honest and tell you that the last post I wrote, the Letter to Ralph Lauren, took the wind out of my sails a bit. I think I’ve become really used to instant reactions to things in this world. I’m used to brands, communications directors, readers, etc, just being really quick with responses. I was overwhelmed by the 350+ comments left on the blogpost in support of what I was writing about and I’ll be really honest and raw with you here and tell you I was expecting a joyous response from the Ralph camp. Something along the lines of “we’re so excited because YES we are developing this aspect of our business and it’s coming at you soon….can’t wait to show you. WE are the leaders of American fashion and WE can’t wait to show you how we continue to be.” Yeah, it wasn’t that. Hell, that’s what I would have said to someone like me, even just to shut me up. Hey, maybe that’s still coming. Maybe they’re more like, “who is this annoying person that has tagged us relentlessly for the past ten years and thinks she has a voice in this industry.” It’s all pretty unclear. But, you know what I know for sure? I’m not giving up hope. But for now, I do admit to feeling a little teeny bit deflated. You guys asked for an update on that situation. That’s it and I’m sorry it’s not more.

So, onto bigger and better things.

I wanted to share a few pictures from Easter Sunday in the country. I put these up in instagram stories, but heck, I just don’t want them to disappear after 24 hours. I want them here forever. Yes, I’m still a thirteen year old at heart that still uses this platform as scrapbook of my life. Let’s start there. An uplighting photo tour of our home village on Easter Sunday.

And now onto some truly fabulous fashion… well, in my mind anyway!

Here are a few outfits I’ve worn this past week. I promise to be a bit more organised with all of this in the future. I’m just throwing this all in here like a big Frogmore Stew, like we used to in the good old days of blogging. But, here we go (and please note that the links used below the outfits are affiliate links).

Pink Pleated Dress

Floral Wrap Dress

(USA Link)

Ribbed Shirt Dress

(USA Link)

Flounced Maxi Dress

Tiered Shirt Dress

Pajamas (plus size)


Jumpsuit (plus size)

Leopard Boots

That’s it from me for now. I can only apologise again for radio silence. There are a lot of things happening under the surface here that I’m not ready to talk about yet, but that are truly making it hard to produce as much as I have for this past decade. Change is afoot and I’m certain that a turning of the tides will catapult me back into my old ways. For now, thank you for your continuous patience, support and love. Is there anyone that hasn’t felt some sort of crazy impact on the year we’ve just had? So much to be thankful for, so much to reevaluate and so darn much to hope for still. Sending love, everybody.



  1. Jeanette
    6th April / 7:58 am

    Love your blogs and enjoy the different content shame about Ralph but Rome was built in a year they may come back with some fabulous news
    Keep up your good work snd love where you live I hope you have nice neighbours xx
    Ps Happy Easter xx🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣

  2. 10th April / 10:30 am

    Goodness, the imagery is stunning!

    Danielle |

  3. 19th May / 9:10 am

    Just Gorgeous. I like your style.

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