7 Days of Style: What I wore last week

Well hello there, everyone. Hoping that wherever you are reading this from, it’s a little cooler there than it is here. I am a rotisserie chicken. That’s what I am in this heat. Just roasting constantly and it ain’t pretty. This isn’t a glow, it’s a full on sweat, and yes that has definitely had an impact on what I’m wearing. My summers in England are very different than summers here. The season here requires a complete reworking of the wardrobe. It’s a game of finding the lightest fabrics, the pieces that breath and the colours that repel the heat rather than attracting it. So yes, I’m shopping a lot at the moment because I didn’t bring home a single solitary item of clothing that doesn’t make me look like a sweating tomato minutes after wearing it out in the humidity and heat. So, I’m hoping these suggestions are helpful for anyone looking for summer clothing in this extreme heat. I’ve commented on the items that work in the descriptions of each look and I hope that’s helpful.

Please note that I am a size 18UK, 16US. Unless stated otherwise, these are the sizes I am wearing below. Also please note that affiliate links are used for items below. Enjoy!

{Outfit above} This outfit is, well, it’s my dream combo. Stripes and prints always work for me. And somehow, just somehow, this didn’t make me heat up to 200 degrees. The trousers are light and silky, the top is also light and silky, and the combo made for a silky smooth evening for cocktails.


Size 0-26


Another winner for heat busting. I am all about the mini skirts this summer, be darned the consequences of that. I’m 41 and I love my legs and I am too darn hot to not want to show them off! Also, I’m running with these guys every day so feeling more and more confident with the shrinking hemline these days. This skirt is perfection for ease of wear and stylish and comfy cut. The top is also silky and easy in the heat!

Silk Striped Top

Size XXS-3X


Mini Skirt

Size XXS-3X


Well, I’ll just go ahead and say it. This is my favourite look of the week, maybe my favourite island look ever. I adore this skirt. ADORE! I don’t understand why more women don’t wear skirts like this in the summer as it allows you to feel so light and airy all the time. Truly, this is my go to shape for summer dressing. I just grabbed an old men’s shirt to pair on top and a giant hat to complete the look. I feel like I could easily slip into the hills of Provence in this ensemble…

Maxi Skirt

Size 2-18


I love this dress. Adore. It comes in so many different colour combos and it’s properly maxi and seriously flattering. What it wasn’t… cool, as in it’s not a good dress for serious heat and humidity. This dress will be worn endlessly back in the UK, but it’s a bit too much fabric that is heavy and clingy, for southern adventures. It worked for drinks on the dock, but it’s going in the suitcase for a return to England!


Size 14-26

$139.95 (but 40% off now)

It is dress season and this is one that fits perfectly for nautical lowcountry life. I just adore the ship print. It is also the MOST flattering cut of any dress I have ever owned. Just putting that out there. It’s a great length, hugs the waist and somehow flatters the back.

Nautical Dress

Size 8-22


This sweatshirt was made for island life in the south. Pickles aren’t just a food here, they’re a way of life. Pickling is everything. I adore this piece and decided to pair it with some old Crocs I scored last year with lobsters on them. Never thought I’d be showing off the fact that I wear Crocs when home on the island but I went with it. Forgive me?

Pickle Sweatshirt

Size S-5XL


This is definitely a summer dress! This white linen off the shoulder number is the perfect weight, length and colour for summer loving. If ordering, you can probably go down a size as this runs big!

White linen Dress

Size 14-26

$119.9 (40% off)


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  1. 18th June / 9:34 pm

    Your outfits are amazing sweetie!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

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