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While home, I’m doing a lot of, well, a lot. I’m reading, writing, watching, eating, swimming, dog napping (all in between working)… and the list goes on and on. Some things are deserving of a whole “feature” here and others are deserving of mentions. So I thought I’d start a weekly, “it’s worth a mention” for things I’ve discovered over the course of the past week. This is truly the quilt of life, this post. I can’t tell you what it will look like every week as I’m pretty sure every single week it will look entirely different. I’m literally keeping a list on my phone titled “recommend…” that I’m consulting to put this together. So, let’s get stuck in. in no particular order, these are things worth a mention this week…

Let’s start with books, shall we? My goal was to try and read 1-2 books per week while home. I have a pile that is a mile high and I don’t want to bring them back to England with me. So, I’m reading whenever I get the chance and I’m sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. First, a look at how I read most of my books this week… (see photo above… not too shabby eh?… and yes, there are alligators in here occasionally but I want you to know if I go, I went happy!).

And as a lot of you were asking on social media about where to buy the float, you can find it here for $64.99 and It’s the best money I’ve spent since I’ve been home.

Now, the first book…

Party Girls Die in Pearls by Plum Sykes

I love Plum Sykes. I’ve always loved getting lost in the worlds she writes and the way she goes into detail about the fashion and closets of each and every one of her characters. This novel is a fun murder mystery. Is that a genre, “fun murder mystery”? It should be one. It’s light hearted, fun and takes me back to my days of hanging out at Oxford with friends. This is a look at the Oxford elite and a scandal that will make or break an incoming class. Plus, it’s set in the eighties and the way she writes about the outfits of each character is as entertaining as the plot itself. If you want a light beach read, this is fun and fast and deeply entertaining. It’s not a new release, just a book that’s been sitting waiting to be read for some time.

Body Talk by Katie Sturino

You’ve read mentions of Katie Sturino here on the blog over the years, mainly in reference to her brand Megababe. She has been transforming women’s lives by developing the products we all never knew we needed so much. Truly. Half my beauty cabinet is Megababe. But, we’re not here to talk products, we’re here to talk Katie’s latest book. The book is exactly what you think it is, if you are judging the book by its cover. This is a manual to body love! It is actually a work that I believe should be a text book for all teenagers. For now, it should be read by every woman of every age and every size. We are so darn hard on ourselves, ladies. We always have been. This book challenges us to stop the dialogue of hate we have on repeat for our bodies and instead embrace, love, accept and move forward in a way that WILL change lives. Read this this summer, while sitting on the beach in your brightest bikini!

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I picked this up in the bookstore on the way home. I was absolutely taken hostage by the description of the book. I wanted to dive into it immediately and the summary haunted me until the day I finally picked it up and got stuck in. I finished it in one day as I simply couldn’t put it down. It’s such an interesting concept. A girl is given an opportunity to see every life she could have led, through the Midnight Library. This isn’t just a novel, it’s a feel good piece of fiction. Truly. You will finish this book and hug it.

Ok, so that’s the book part done and dusted… let’s keep in the same vein of entertainment and talk TV shows. I’ve been binging. Can you tell I’m not sleeping?

First up…

Sweet Tooth

This is a new Netflix show based on a famous DC comic. The world is hit by a virus (a little too close to home this is at first…) and at the same time hybrid babies are being born. Sound a bit whacky? Well, it is. But also… babies that are half deer / half baby or half dog / half baby?! I die! Was so hoping a golden retriever mix would show up somewhere, but alas there was none. Anyway, this is an end of world sort of show. It says its for 14+, but I will say it’s pretty violent at times. It’s marketed so sweetly when showing off these cute hybrid babies but it can be pretty dark and bleak at times. So if you’re looking for something entirely light hearted, maybe check out my next suggestion instead.


At the moment I find myself getting lost in TV shows filmed in London. I’m already looking forward to getting back into my city in August. But for now, I’m letting the BBC entertain me with memories of favourite spots. Starstruck is that classic old story… regular girl and movie star fall in love after a chance encounter. But, it’s not that easy and it’s also never been more hilarious. I watched this while working out and I cried and laughed several times, sometimes at the same time. This is only six episodes and they’re only 22 mins long, so you’ll speed through this. The good news is that it’s already been greenlit for a season 2! Thank God! You can watch on BBC catchup in the UK and on HBO Max in the USA.

Now, as I’ve mentioned working out, let’s shift to health for a second.

I’ve been so good over the last two weeks, getting in 45 minutes to an hour of elliptical every morning, followed by long walks with the dog. I’m working hard to throw myself back into fitness. The first week was a misery. I hated everything about working out, machines, sweat, sport bras and more. But then, as it always does, in the second week things changed. I found the high again. I fall off the wagon repeatedly and then once I’m back on I remember how damn important working out is for mental health. As in… it truly changes everything. So, there’s this… (me being an idiot and my workout view that I never want to leave ever again. It’s in the dockhouse basement).

But then I had a 24 hour bug that totally through me off the course of fitness fun and now I feel like I’m back where I started. So, watch this space for fitness guru making a comeback! Haha. In the meantime, I’ll share that I had the two best doctors while sick. Never left my side. If one of them had to go out, the other stayed behind and closer until he returned. These love bugs are life!

A random shopping mention of appreciation. I had seen people on social media talk about the different sized mannequins being used in the USA, but I saw my first “that looks like me” mannequin in Target this week and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Thank you, Target. It was a moment and I’m here for it.

Last, but certainly not least, a food mention…

There’s a new restaurant that has opened near the island. It’s called Beedo’s and they are known for their burgers. More on that later. For now, I just wanted to mention that I travelled over for a breakfast meeting and my gosh did I come away with a hot tip…. It’s called the hot honey chicken biscuit. The title says it all but basically this is fried chicken topped with honey and hot sauce and served on a warm buttery biscuit.

So that’s it for this week. I’ll just leave you with this big goof ball and his love for stuffed animals that are as big as he is… honestly, what a nut!



  1. Kelly
    24th June / 5:16 pm

    Loved this mentions post! Jotting down these books and shows to check out. Your pups are so cute, too.

  2. 26th June / 2:18 pm

    I loved reading this post sweetie. Thank you for sharing!

    Danielle |

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