London’s Secret American Pie Bakery in Notting Hill

Allow me to paint a picture of the perfect ‘friend date’ in London. It involves champagne, a park, big warm parkas and PIE! But, this isn’t just any pie. I was inclined to say it’s the pie my grandmothers in America used to make, as it’s American style pie, but I can guarantee you my grandmothers never made anything this scrumptious. This is the magic touch of Blame Butter, London’s secret American pie bakery in Notting Hill.

So, what makes it “secret”…? Well, for starters, you can’t just rock up and grab a slice of pie whenever the mood strikes. This is probably a good thing or I might just be living on pie and pie alone at this point. You have to go onto the website, see what’s baking, select a time for pick up and pay in advance. You then get an email letting you know where to go when your time for pie has come. In the middle of Notting Hill, in a residential block, you walk down a flight of stairs to a basement flat, ring a bell and wait for a handsome man in an apron to answer the door who will request the name in which the order was placed. A pie, slice of pie, or many slices of different pies will be handed over and you’re on your way.

Flavours change as local ingredients change, but each week you’re sure to find something exotic in the way of pies, something you’ve never before tried in your life. Now, let’s remember I come from pie country, so I feel well equipped to be super judgemental here of these creations. And folks, I gotta just come out and say I’ve never had a pie in the Carolinas that even comes close to being as tasty as the ones I’m devouring here in Notting Hill.

It should also be mentioned that the only other place you can grab Blame Butter pies at the moment is at Panzer’s Deli in St. John’s Wood. They do a daily drop off and the slices sell out fast!

Let them eat pie… 


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