The mini bag edit: 10 to try on for size

It appears this mini bag trend is here to stay, for a while at least. And listen, I’ll be honest here. It’s a ridiculous trend, as fashion trends go. Who wants a bag that is literally only big enough to carry a miniature sized lipstick? That’s a rhetorical question. Everyone seems to want that bag right now. But, it comes with a note about style. This is not a bag that is born out of necessity. The mini bag trend is a look. It’s not there to help you carry around your one credit card as you hit the town. It’s a fashion accessory that serves no purpose beyond jazzing up a look and that, dear reader, I am here for. I actually love the mini bag as a “look” and let me explain why.

The mini bag works the same way a belt would for an outfit. It’s there to tie things together. So whether you are wearing a mini belt bag or a mini crossbody bag, it’s an extra bit of decoration that will just pull the look into something new, fresh and oh so 2022. For that… I adore this bag size. And yes, I will keep my lippie and credit card in said bag and call it “functional” to justify the purchase occasionally.

With that in mind, here are ten I’m loving now, with a bit of everything for every price range!

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We’ll start with a mini that’s actually the biggest bag in this edit. It can hold your iPhone! Shock horror! It’s also a lovely nod to Bottega Veneta but with a much more “doable” price tag for a trend that, let’s hope, won’t be here forever. It’s £59.99 and available to shop globally.

Also big enough for an iPhone, this fringed number is a classic and I’m telling you now you’ll have this in your closet forever. It’s a beautiful piece at a reasonable £90 and will work in all four seasons of the year (not to mention look amazing during festival season this summer).

No need to adjust your computer screens, this is actually a pizza crossbody bag. Is it not one of the most fantastic things you’ve ever seen? It’s edgy, it’s cool, it makes you want to eat pizza every single time you look at it… actually, on second thought, that could make it very dangerous indeed. Paging Papa Johns! At £174, it’s a bit pricier, but a piece you’ll have forever and always wear with a smile on your face.

Think of this as an early summer splurge, and it is a splurge with a price tag of £395. But can you really put a price on this kind of mini happiness? I reckon you’d get a smile from every single person that crosses your path while you have this in hand. Sign me up!

A suede mini bag for £18. I love! This is the perfect piece if you’re tiptoeing into this trend, unsure of whether or not it’s really for you. You’re not going to break the bank buying it and it’s truly a classic wear-all-year-round fabric and style!

Another mini that’s larger than the size of a deck of cards. So is it mini? Well, technically, yes it is. But it will still hold more than just an iPhone and a charge card. This one might be able to hold your keys and tissues too. And also only £19.99.

If you’re sold on this trend and want to go straight into playing with the fashion big boys and logos, the double Gs have you covered. This vintage style designer piece will set you back £725 but it is truly an heirloom that will be handed down for many generations to come. Although in the future will any of us still be carrying bags or simply paying for everything with our retinas? Just a thought to ponder this late afternoon….

I think this might be the smallest of them all, incidentally with the smallest price as well at £10.99. So I honestly put this in here for laughs but it is a good fashion accessory. I would never actually call it a “bag,” however. I don’t think you can even fit a card in there, maybe just some coins. Let’s call it a change purse shall we?

Clearly we need to size up so let’s move to this beautiful piece… my personal favourite and the one I’m investing in. This beauty is designed as a belt bag and I adore it! The quilted leather and gold hardware are simply stunning in combination. It also comes in black if you’re terrified of soiling that gorgeous clean white leather! It’s £630 and, in my humble opinion, worth every square inch of happiness.

I saved the biggest splurge for last and the first one I’d buy if I won the lotto millions tomorrow. This beautiful mini hammock bag is £1,450. I feel it doesn’t even really require words. Its beauty speaks for itself. Goals!


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    I adore this mini bag trend!

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