Wearing Wedgewood on your ring finger…

Just before Christmas I popped into Liberty in London to see if I could pick up some last minute gifts for the family before heading home for the holidays. As is always the case when I pop into Liberty with the best of intentions of shopping for other people, I ended up shopping for myself. Bad. I’m bad! Maybe not all that bad, however, as I came away with a discovery that I couldn’t wait to share once I had the time to sit down and write it up.

As I was walking through the jewellery department, on the ground floor of Liberty, one section of glass cabinets grabbed my attention. Anyone that’s ever been to Liberty before will know that this is not easy to do. Grabbing someone’s attention or standing out from the crowd in a room filled with such beautiful sparkles and frosting delights is no easy task. It was the Wedgewood blue that stopped me in my tracks.

I marched with confidence to the display in discussion and waited a mere two seconds before being asked if I could be helped in any way. This is the Liberty way. The customer service here outshines every other department store in London, hands down. I immediately asked if I could see the Blue Anchor Signet Ring and inquired about the brand as I slipped this beauty straight onto my pinkie finger like it was specifically crafted to sit just there, on my hand! The sales lady informed me that the brand was called Ferian and this was a ring from their Wedgewood collection. She then, very kindly went on to explain Wedgewood. I think perhaps my American accent may have led her to believe I wasn’t already a great lover of the Wedgewood brand! I lapped it up and let her pass on all the finer details as it allowed me more time with the Ferian anchor decorating my hand.

Sadly the size they had in stock at the time was a little loose for my pinkie finger. So, I walked away and pledged to come back in the New Year to find the anchor once again and walk away a first time Ferian buyer with the correct size in and on hand.

This is a very special brand indeed and the more I read about them and the more I explore their collections the more in love I fall, hence the reason I felt compelled to share. Ferian deserves a much bigger spotlight than I can shine right here and now, but I’m throwing as bright a highlight as I’m capable. Check this brand out right now. It is a British brand to embrace and wear in 2022.

If you care to read more about Ferian, Liberty have published an article on their website!


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  1. 15th March / 6:11 am

    This ring is great to gift to someone? I am always confused on this topic about what I have to gift someone.
    Please share your thought on this topic!

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